Join us in celebrating our first decade

App Academy’s 10th anniversary marks an exciting milestone not only for our alumni, staff, and prospective students, but for the future of education as we unlock global access to software engineering careers.

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App Academy through the years

From opening our first campus in San Francisco in 2012 to reaching 5,000 graduates earlier this year, we’re very excited to be in the business of helping aspiring software engineers change their careers and their lives.
App Academy's staff around the world!
App Academy's staff
Halloween 2018 staff pictures!
"App Academy: for only the brightest and best apps"
Instagram photo credits: @tinkeringmonkey
San Francisco students cohort of 2018
App Academy's team
Staff and students will proudly attend this weekend’s San Francisco lgbtq parade and festivities.
New York campus students

A note from our CEO

We were the first school in the world to use the income share agreement at any significant scale. We have led a movement of schools to a tuition model that actually aligns the incentives of the school with the student. We built the #1 coding school in the US, turning traditional education on its head. I’m immensely proud of that. We have already started one revolution in education. We aim to start many more.


Kush Patel
App Academy Founder

10 Years,
by the numbers


Total number of App Academy Open users as of 2022


Percentage of alumni who are promoted 1+ times within 4 years of graduation

Student Salaries

Average incoming salary, prior to starting App Academy


Average starting salary for a full-time, online program graduate


Average 1st year compensation for 2019 campus-based, full-time program graduates


Average placement rate of 2019 New York Full-Time Software Engineering Track graduates


Average placement rate of 2019 San Francisco Full-Time Software Engineering Program graduates


Percentage of alumni satisfied or very satisfied in their roles

Proud to be ranked a 2022 Best Bootcamp

We’re even more proud that over 1,000 of our graduates have rated us 4.69/5 on SwitchUp. Here’s what they had to say about their time at App Academy.

Named the top bootcamp for a reason! I decided to attend this bootcamp after doing some thorough research. App Academy's curriculum caught my eye because they're beginner friendly. The TA's provide great support along the way and are always within reach.



Monica Liang Zheng
‘21 New York Full-Time Software
Engineering Track Graduate

The in-person program has accelerated my learning in a way I never could have achieved working in a remote setting. The team of instructors are always available to answer our questions and keep us motivated at every step.



Will Corona
‘22 New York Full-Time Software
Engineering Track Graduate

After 16 weeks, I was able to get a fully remote frontend developer role paying 90k+ one week after graduating. It seems like it’s almost too good to be true but App Academy really does prepare you for a job. If you are uncomfortable with your life, take the leap!



Maggie McDonald
'21 San Francisco Full-Time Software
Engineering Program Graduate

App Academy delivers on all of their promises and I couldn't have been more pleased with my decision to place my education in their hands. Most importantly, App Academy gave me the confidence to tackle the job search head on!



Quintin Hull
‘20 Online, Full Time Program Graduate

I started off with no coding experience and at the end of the 24 weeks I felt confident in my abilities to break into the field of software engineering. It definitely wasn't easy, those 60 - 80+ hour weeks they tell you about are true, but with perseverance and hard work it's worth it.



Caroline Sarkki
‘21 Online, Full Time Program Graduate

Within a month of graduation I was hired as a Senior Software Engineer at an international company that has over 5,000 employees. Definitely one of the best investments of my life. I have recommended this bootcamp to so many people. I love what I do.



Jacob Richardson
‘21 Online, Full Time Program Graduate

Looking forward to the next ten years

Our mission will continue to be providing access to world-class training and software engineering education to anyone, anywhere.

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