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Get accepted or your money back.

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Start your future as a software engineer today or your money back.

Bootcamp Prep is a 40-hour online course designed to give you the perfect foundation in JavaScript, and how to solve problems using code. Also, you’re guaranteed to be accepted into some of the most selective coding schools available (like App Academy).

Receive personalized feedback from your instructor every step of the way to help you grow as a developer.


Online, but with a personal touch

Your instructors will work 1-on-1 alongside you to answer any questions, perform mock interviews, and help you ace your bootcamp applications.

Personally graded and annotated assessments

Each chapter you’ll be required to complete an assessment. Each assessment will be graded by an App Academy instructor with personalized notes for you on how to improve.

Free one-on-one tutoring and mock interview sessions

Included in Bootcamp Prep Online are 4 hour-long tutoring sessions with an App Academy Instructor and 2 mock interview sessions personalized to the bootcamps of your choice.

Work alongside a community of coders

We provide all students with access to our Prep Online community live chat channel and Q/A platform so that any question you have will either be answered by an instructor or another prep online student. You’ll never get stuck!

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  • 2 tutoring hours
  • 1 interview prep hour
  • Chat support
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  • 6 tutoring hours
  • 2 interview prep hour
  • Personal assessment feedback
  • Priority email response
  • Priority application review
  • Chat support
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  • 10 tutoring hours
  • 4 interview prep hour
  • Personal assessment feedback
  • Priority email response
  • Priority application review
  • Chat support
  • Premium a/A swag
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Bootcamp Acceptance Guarantee

Guaranteed acceptance into at least one of the schools below or your money back.

Get accepted to at least one of the above schools or your money back.

  • App Academy

  • Fullstack Academy

  • Hack Reactor

  • Flatiron School

  • Galvanize

  • Actualize

100% of graduates who have applied to our guaranteed schools list have been accepted to at least one of the listed schools.


Program Overview

Learn about course-length, curriculum, cost, and more.

Bootcamp Prep Online

Location: Online (available worldwide)

Dates and Times: Up to you! We expect you to complete everything in around 2 months.

Curriculum: Identical to the in-person program. All materials (video, problem sets, etc.) will be available even after the program.

Additional Benefits: 6 personalized tutoring hours, 2 personalized interview prep hours, personal assessment feedback, priority email response, priority application review, and chat support.

Cost: $1,795 (bootcamp acceptance guaranteed or your money back).


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the structure of Bootcamp Prep Online? What can I expect to see on the platform?

Bootcamp Prep Online is held 100% online on our learning platform. The program is broken down into chapters made up of video lectures, video problem walk throughs, practice problems, readings, and quizzes.

You will also be provided with access to our community learning platform which allows you to ask questions to the Bootcamp Prep Online community and Bootcamp Prep Online instructors. Lastly, during the course you will be provided with live one-on-one tutoring sessions with our instructors, and live one-on-one interview prep for your bootcamp technical interviews after the course. Everything is done remotely and available wherever you are, whenever.

Who should apply?

Anyone interested in attending a coding bootcamp or who is looking for an in-depth introductory/intermediate web development program to grow as a developer.

How does the bootcamp acceptance guarantee work?

Graduates of Bootcamp Prep Online are guaranteed acceptance into the top 6 coding bootcamps: App Academy, Hack Reactor, Fullstack Academy, Flatiron School, Galvanize, and Actualize.

To be eligible for the guarantee, you must complete the program in at least 10 weeks from your enrollment date. App Academy also requires graduates make a good faith effort to apply to all schools listed above within 2 months of completing the program (total of 18 weeks from enrollment) and if you are not accepted to at least one of the appropriate schools (after applying to all eligible schools), you will be eligible for a full refund.

What will I learn from Bootcamp Prep Online?

The primary areas of concentration for App Academy’s Bootcamp Prep Online include web development fundamentals, intro, intermediate, and advanced JavaScript, as well as interview prep and application assistance. The course is taught by App Academy instructors and will culminate with you mastering the coding fundamentals required to get into the most selective coding bootcamps in the world.