Get into the most selective bootcamps

Top bootcamp grads earn $40K+ in additional salary.

The bootcamp you go to makes a difference

Top bootcamps can earn you up to $40,000 per year in additional earnings.

Average Bootcamp


graduate salary

Top Bootcamp


graduate salary

*based on Course Report 2015 Survey

Bootcamp Acceptance Guarantee

Guaranteed acceptance into at least one of the schools below or your money back.

Get accepted to at least one of the above schools or your money back.

  • App Academy

  • Flatiron School

  • Hack Reactor

  • MakerSquare

  • Fullstack Academy

  • Galvanize

  • Coding Dojo

  • General Assembly

  • Launch Academy

100% of graduates who have applied to our guaranteed schools list have been accepted to at least one of the listed schools.


The only online platform with 100% placement

Learn to code from the highest calibur instructors, anywhere in the world.

Using our online platform, you’ll be able to learn at your own pace through video lectures, readings, practice problems, quizzes, and the guidance of an accessible instructor.

What You’ll Learn

Our curriculum takes a holistic approach to the application process for the best immersive bootcamps in the country.

  • Learn to code

    Through video lectures, readings, and assessments, you’ll learn up to an intermediate level of JavaScript.

  • Application Assistance

    We know what bootcamps look for and we’ll help you put your best foot forward.

  • Interview Preparation

    Each school has a unique interview process and we’ll train you 1-on-1 to be prepared for all technical questions.

Online, but with a personal touch

Prep Online students get personalized help from instructors and the community.

Personally graded and annotated assessments

Each chapter you’ll be required to complete an assessment. Each assessment will be graded by an App Academy instructor with personalized notes for you on how to improve.

Free one-on-one tutoring and mock interview sessions

Included in Bootcamp Prep Online are 4 hour-long tutoring sessions with an App Academy Instructor and 2 mock interview sessions personalized to the bootcamps of your choice.

Work along side a community of coders

We provide all students with access to our Prep Online community live chat channel and Q/A platform so that any question you have will either be answered by an instructor or another prep online student. You’ll never get stuck!

Program Overview

Learn about course-length, curriculum, cost, and more.

Bootcamp Prep Online

Location: Online (available worldwide)

Dates and Times: Up to you! We expect you to complete everything in around 2 months.

Curriculum: Curriculum is identical to the in-person program. All materials (video, problem sets, etc.) will be available even after the program. You will also receive 4 one-on-one tutoring sessions with App Academy instructors as well as 2 one-on-one technical interview-prep sessions. We also provide individualized feedback on all work you submit.

Cost: $1,999 (bootcamp acceptance guaranteed or your money back).

Get into the most selective coding schools, guaranteed