Bootcamp Prep Live

Get into the best coding bootcamps

Official Program Name: ‘Bootcamp Prep’ in California

This 4-week course is ideal for those looking to get accepted into a top bootcamp and who want live instruction & support. Bootcamp Prep Live is hosted online and the curriculum will equip you with the coding basics you need to become the most qualified candidate possible. Tuition is just $500. 
Please Note: At this time, App Academy is not able to offer any of our bootcamps or our prep course to New York residents.

Designed to get you accepted

Bootcamp Prep Live was carefully crafted to help you master the admissions process for any code school. We'll teach you everything from technical coding concepts, to how to present yourself in interviews, and more.
Live Instruction + Support

Learn in an online classroom environment from instructors who are specifically trained to help beginners master complex coding concepts.

JavaScript Based Curriculum

Over 40 hours of curriculum, centered around JavaScript, that will provide you with the foundation you need to get accepted to a top coding bootcamp.

1-on-1 Mock Interview Opportunities

Multiple hours of 1-on-1 mock interviews will allow you to practice & gain the confidence you need to tackle any coding bootcamp admissions process.

What you'll learn

As a student in Bootcamp Prep Live, we'll teach you web development fundamentals including intro, intermediate, and advanced JavaScript. You'll also receive interview guidance and application assistance.

Weeks 1-6
Basic JavaScript Fundamentals
Weeks 7-12
Advanced JavaScript Concepts
Weeks 13-18
Non-Technical Skills

The bootcamp you go to matters

According to a 2021 Course Report Survey, the average post-bootcamp salary is $69,000. Top bootcamps like App Academy, however, can net you salaries up to approx. $12,000 more per year. Don't settle for the easiest bootcamp to get into. Top programs are more selective for a reason.

*Median bootcamp graduate salary according to 2019 Course Report Survey.
**2019 median salary for App Academy graduates in San Francisco.

When and where can you start?

Check out our upcoming Course Dates and choose the start date that fits best with your schedule.  

Course Highlights: 

Length: 4 weeks

Schedule: Mon - Fri, 5:30pm - 8pm PST (8:30pm - 11pm EST) 

Format: Live Instruction, Online

Tuition: $500^

^Your paid Bootcamp Prep Live tuition will be subtracted from your initial deposit if you are accepted to our 16 Week Online Full-Time Bootcamp, under the Deferred Tuition payment plan. This does not reduce total tuition owed, but will reduce the total upfront deposit that is required.


Questions, Concerns or something else?
How is this better than preparing on my own?

Top bootcamps like App Academy are incredibly selective, and self-prep can be difficult without guidance. We’ve developed this course to share our inside knowledge about the bootcamp admissions process and to help you become the most qualified candidate possible. The course curriculum is bootcamp agnostic, so regardless of the bootcamp you apply to, you’ll be prepared in just 4 weeks (~50 hours of instruction).

Bootcamp Prep Live is tailored specifically to get you into the best coding bootcamps in the U.S. so that you can jumpstart your career as a web developer!

What will I learn from Bootcamp Prep Live?

We'll teach you web development fundamentals including intro, intermediate, and advanced JavaScript. You'll also receive interview guidance and application assistance. The course is taught by App Academy instructors and will culminate with you mastering the coding foundation required to get into the most selective coding bootcamps in the U.S.

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