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16 Week Online Coding Bootcamp

Official Program Name: 'Full-Time Software Engineering Program' in California
Complete your coding education at the fastest pace possible and land your dream job as a software engineer that much sooner! As a student in our 16 Week Online Full-Time Program, you'll learn today's top coding languages like JavaScript and Ruby on Rails, while building a project portfolio that will not only impress you, but employers as well.
Please Note: At this time, App Academy is not able to offer any of our bootcamps or our prep course to New York residents.
Next Start Date:
April 29, 2024
Course Duration:
16 weeks + job search

Join one of the best coding bootcamps

Since App Academy started in 2012, we've consistently been regarded as one of the best coding bootcamps in the world by students and employers. Over 5,000 students have graduated from our programs with the skills necessary to land a job in tech!
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Key Benefits of 16 Week Online Bootcamp

We’ve built this course to not only challenge our students to transform into the expert coders we know they can be, but to do it at a faster pace. In just 16 weeks, we’ll teach you the skills you need to be competitive in today’s job market.

Study Top Coding Languages

Built on JavaScript & Ruby on Rails, two languages that are in high demand today, you’ll gain an invaluable skill set by the time you graduate.

Master an Intensive Curriculum

Fastest path to a coding career. This program requires 10+ hours a day, 7 days a week. For a more gradual pace, check out our 24 Week Online program.

Build and Impressive Portfolio

By the end of the course, you’ll have several coding projects that you’ll feel confident in and be proud to show off to employers.

Land Your Dream Job in Tech

Receive unparalleled support during your job search, including 1:1 career coaching, endless resources, and networking opportunities.

Find the tuition plan that’s right for you

It’s our goal to eliminate cost as a barrier for aspiring software engineers looking to attend a coding bootcamp. As such, we offer our 16 Week Online Full-Time Bootcamp students four different payment options, including a Deferred Tuition plan.

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Here's what your typical week will look like

Our 16 Week Online Full-Time bootcamp is fast paced and intensive. You’ll need to be ready to commit to at least 10 hours per day, 7 days a week to be successful. Classes are held Monday-Friday either from 8am - 5pm PST, or from 7am - 4pm PST, depending on the cohort you select.


Lecture: Learn new coding concepts to you, walk through both theoretical and practical use cases, and get any questions answered

Lunch: Enjoy some downtime, eat some food, and connect with classmates

Projects + Pair Programming: Pair with a classmate & work on collaborative projects that drive home the concepts you’ve learned

Group Review: Reflect on the day’s curriculum and gain a wider perspective on the material by synthesizing experiences with your classmates


Outside of class
In class

"I am honestly shocked at how much I've learned in just 24 short weeks. I went from knowing ZERO code to being able to confidently create a functioning full stack web application."

Jihoon (Fiona) Choi

24 Week Online Full-Time Program - 21’ Graduate

"The other really nice thing about app academy is the partnership companies. They were really helpful with the job search and I got a few different offers and a great developer role within a few months of graduating."

Jordan Bohmbach

24 Week Online Full-Time Program - 21’ Graduate

"App Academy was the best investment in myself and my career I've made to date, outshining my four years spent at a top ranked college."

Eric Ramsay

24 Week Online Full-Time Program - 20’ Graduate

Rated a top bootcamp by our students

App Academy is proud to be considered one of the best coding bootcamps in the United States. We’re even more proud that over 1,100 of our graduates have rated us 4.69/5.

App Academy changed my life - I went from a shift supervisor at Starbucks to an employed engineer in less than a year.
Keith Mellea - 24 Week Online Full-Time Program - 21’ Graduate

What you'll learn in 16 weeks

Your hard work and commitment will transform you into a Full-stack Web Developer in just 16 short weeks in our full-time online coding bootcamp. Build from scratch with JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, SQL, HTML and CSS. Accelerate your projects with ReactJS and Redux. You'll be shocked at how much you can learn - employers will be, too.

Week 1
Solve Algorithms Using Fundamental Ruby Methods
Week 2
Build Classes and Utilize Object Interactions
Week 3
Algorithms Using Recursion & Abstract Data Types
Week 4
Object Oriented Programming with Inheritance and Modules
Week 5
Create & Query Databases Using SQL & ActiveRecord
Week 6
Build Full-Stack Apps with Rails
Week 7
Implement User Authentication in Rails Apps
Week 8
Understand the Fundamentals of JavaScript
Week 9
Use JavaScript to Build Dynamic Websites
Week 10
Deep Dive into Vanilla JS and Build Your First Portfolio Project
Week 11
Manage Front-End Applications using React & Redux
Week 12
Put it All Together (Rails, React, and Redux)
Week 13
Start Your Full Stack Project
Week 14
Finish Your Full Stack Project
Week 15
Learn a New Stack (MERN) and Build A Group Project
Week 16
Prepare for Common Interview Topics

When can you start our 16 Week Online Accelerated Bootcamp?

Check out our upcoming course dates and select the one that fits best with your timing and goals.

Our admissions process

We’ve designed a process that helps us understand you, your motivations, and your goals. Our process encourages diversity by providing a fair playing field regardless of your background. We provide you with all of the learning resources you need to be accepted.


Tell us about your background and why you’re excited about attending App Academy. This should take about 10 minutes to complete.


Non-Technical Assessments

Take a 25-minute test that includes a logical reasoning and typing assessment. You have two opportunities to pass.


Coding Challenge

Take a 60-minute, three question assessment. Your code must pass all specs, and you have three opportunities to pass.


Technical Interview

Our technical interview consists of two coding prompts and a pairing exercise. You have two opportunities to pass.


Non-Technical Interview

This non-technical interview helps us learn more about you, your ability to learn quickly, and your ability to work hard in our course.



Upon successfully passing the non-technical interview, your Admissions Specialist will officially accept you so you can enroll.

Not quite ready for an immersive program?

If you’re new to software engineering or just want to make sure you’ll be a good fit, App Academy offers two options that will introduce you to coding and help you determine if a bootcamp is right for you.
Students talking

Bootcamp Prep Live

Get the solid foundation in JavaScript that you need to succeed in a full-fledged bootcamp. You’ll follow structured coursework in a live online  classroom environment and tuition is just $500.

A woman working on a laptop in a bean bag chair

App Academy Open

Get our entire 24 Week Online Full-Time Bootcamp curriculum for free (over 500 hours of material!). This course is entirely self-guided so you can complete it at your own pace and on your own schedule.


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