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9:00AM — 12:00 PM

At App Academy, we like to start the day off with a lecture from one of our instructors. Lectures are a way for us to introduce new concepts to students, walk through both theoretical and practical use cases, and answer any questions before we dive into putting those concepts into action. We firmly believe that experience is the best form of learning, which is why we spend only a short portion of the day in lecture, and a larger portion working together on collaborative projects.

Take a break for lunch

12:00 — 1:00 PM

After lecture, students like to explore the diverse selection of local restaurants - relax a bit, connect with their classmates, and eat some good food. There’s a gym across the street, so you can even get in a quick workout!

Pair programming

1:00 — 6:00 PM

Pair programming is crucial to the success of our students. After lunch, students pair up and work on collaborative projects together. These projects help to really drive home the concepts from the lecture. Working with others is something you’ll do quite often in software development and so learning to adapt to different people on different projects is very important. It also helps to be able to talk through problems with one another, work as a team and find the solution together.

Getting to know your peers at a work and personal level is something we emphasize at App Academy.

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