Become a developer in 12 weeks.

Our graduates in San Francisco earn an average salary of $105,000.

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What you’ll learn during the 12-week course.

Becoming a software developer is about learning a way of thinking, not just about expertise with a specific set of tools. Frameworks come and go, but the skills we teach will serve you well no matter what you may go on to do in the future: back-end engineering, iOS development, big data, etc. For that reason, we also teach good software design and best-practices, algorithms and data structures, and code readings.

At App Academy, we encourage students to work collaboratively to simulate real work projects.
Week 1—5

During the first few weeks, you'll begin by learning introductory programming concepts and end with an expert level understanding of Ruby and SQL.

Week 6—8

This is when we’ll begin introducing JavaScript, React, and Redux. About 50% of our curriculum is based around Ruby, while the other half is dedicated to JavaScript.

Week 9—12

Weeks 9-12 focus on advanced algorithms and the job search. We prepare you with networking opportunities, resume help, technical training, and more.

How our tuition model separates us from other bootcamps

At App Academy, tuition is based 100% off the value of your offer. Therefore, the more successful you are, the more we benefit as well. This places added pressure on us, but ultimately we believe this model is the only way to truly align our incentives.
This forces us to be extremely thoughtful about every step of our program; from the way we structure our admissions process, to the way we determine what to teach and how to teach it. Every piece is affected by our investment in you.

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Remember — there’s no tuition cost until you get a job.