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  1. 1.0 Ruby + Object-Oriented Design

    • Basic + Intermediate Ruby
    • Object-Oriented Design
    • File I/O
    • Basic Algorithms + Data Structures
    • Code Quality
  2. 2.0 Ruby II + TDD

    • Advanced Object Oriented Design
    • Test-Driven Development + RSpec
    • Computational Complexity
    • Intermediate Algorithms
    • Advanced Data Structures
  3. 3.0 SQL + AR

    • Basic Querying
    • Joins and Associations
    • Aggregate Functions + Sub-Queries
    • Schema Design
    • ActiveRecord
  4. 4.0 The Web + Rails I

    • HTTP and API Consumption
    • REST
    • MVC Architecture
    • Basic Routing
    • Full User Authentication
  5. 5.0 Rails II + JavaScript I

    • Metaprogramming: Rebuilding Rails
    • Request-Response Lifecycle
    • Cookies + Sessions
    • Basic + Intermediate JavaScript
    • JavaScript Closures + 'this'
  6. Over 3,000 students trained

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    • $101,000*

      San Francisco

    • $90,000*

      New York

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We’ve been developing our curriculum for over 7 years

Our curriculum is based on Ruby on Rails and JavaScript. We've developed our curriculum over seven years, staying up to date with top companies and the skills they're looking for in senior engineering talent. This focus has played a major role in our ability to train over 3,000 students in software development. We're not sold on a future where every developer only needs to know JavaScript. JavaScript will keep gaining market share for a while, but it will never trump the ability to learn new languages and internalize their idiosyncrasies. That's what App Academy teaches.

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