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Become a Software Engineer with our proven industry aligned curriculum.

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In our comprehensive Student Experience Package, we cover curriculum topics, tuition options, and post-graduation job placement. Download it now to help you decide which of our Software Engineering programs is your best fit.
Over 4,500 of our graduates have been hired at companies including Google and Facebook. You could be next!
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What we cover in the Student Experience Package

You'll learn exactly what it takes to become a Software Engineer at a top company, every step of the way with App Academy.
Break into a high-growth, high-paying career.

It's not a sprint; it's a journey. Learn how becoming a Software Engineer is fulfilling and future-proof. Median salaries for the engineering industry aren't too shabby either. 2020 data shows the median salary for entry level software engineers in cities like San Francisco are as high as $232,000

Fast track your career with our immersive bootcamps.

We developed our curriculum for industry relevance to help you build full-stack applications for your portfolio to top employers. You'll graduate with a stellar portfolio that demonstrates your competency in a modern tech stack to know.

Accelerate your job search.

Not only will you learn the programming languages top employers demand, you'll be connected to career coaches who will help you find job opportunities. You'll also get access to our network of over 2,000 companies. Through our network, you're one referral away from landing your first job as a Software Engineer.

Hear from our alumni

“Named the top bootcamp for a reason! I decided to attend this bootcamp after doing some thorough research on a couple bootcamps available within my area. AppAcademy's curriculum caught my eye amongst all of them because they're beginner friendly. The TA's provide great support along the way and are always within reach.”

Monica Liang Zheng
2021 App Academy Alumni

“App Academy delivers on all of their promises and I couldn't have been more pleased with my decision to place my education in their hands. The company culture makes for a great learning environment and I was able to make strong connections with instructors and fellow students. Most importantly, App Academy gave me the confidence to tackle the job search head on!”

Quintin Hull
2021 App Academy Alumni

“I'm switching over careers from a completely non-technical field to software development, and I couldn't have picked a better bootcamp to help me through this transition. Although I just graduated, I can say that in just the past 4 months I have learned a myriad of languages, technologies, and frameworks that I never would've imagined I could.”

Sheava Danesh
2020 App Academy Alumni



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