Is Python Good for Software Engineering? Yes, Here’s Why

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August 18, 2022

This post discusses the importance of learning Python for every aspiring software engineer, its benefits and role in the tech industry. It provides insights into how mastering Python can enhance your coding skills and boost your career.

Aspiring software engineers have a world of programming languages and skills available for them to learn. Some languages are more relevant than others, depending on the role. But some languages and skills transcend industries, no matter what type of software you’re working on.

Python is one such language, and it’s as popular as ever. In fact, Statistic Times notes that Python is the most popular programming language of 2022:

“Python is the top programming language in TIOBE and PYPL Index. C closely follow Top-ranked Python in TIOBE. In PYPL, a gap is wider as top-ranked Python has taken a lead of close to 10% from 2nd ranked Java.”

It’s held that title (or near it) for years — and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Here’s why Python is a must-learn for aspiring software engineers.

3 reasons aspiring software engineers should learn Python

Python has a ton of use cases.

Python is most notoriously a programming language used in the creation of software for mobile and web applications. But Python has uses beyond software engineering, which makes it a must-know for employees in any tech organization. This includes:

  • Programming
  • Data science, mining, and analysis
  • Machine learning
  • Web development and frameworks
  • Mobile app development and frameworks
  • Network development and frameworks
  • Product development
  • User experience and interface development

Because it’s relevant in so many use cases, Python has been used in the development of the world’s biggest apps, like Netflix, Youtube, Instagram, Uber, and Reddit. Organizations that use Python in their tech stack can ensure everyone across an organization in technical roles can contribute.

Even marketing and sales teams leverage Python’s powerful capabilities to make business decisions rooted in data.

Python is user-friendly.

One of the reasons Python is so popular is because it’s really user-friendly. Its code is written in plain syntax, which makes it easier to read, write, and understand. It also requires fewer lines of actual written code. This makes it beginner-friendly, as a result.

Unlike languages like C++ or Java, which are compiled programming languages, Python is an interpreted programming language (similar to Ruby or JavaScript, which are equally beginner-friendly). The difference is that you can see the results of your code immediately after writing it with interpreted programming languages. That instant feedback is critical for learning so you can see any errors in real time rather than waiting to run an entire block of code.

Python jobs are in high demand.

For years, Python has been at the top of popular programming language charts. But in more recent years, it has held the number one spot. Whether for its endless usecases or its ease to learn, Python engineers and developers continue to be in high demand.

Massive organizations like Google, Meta, and Amazon, regularly hire Python programmers in droves to keep up with demand. Because this demand is so high, companies pay top dollar for the talent they do have.

Find Out How Much Do Python Programmers Get Paid: Average Python Programmer Salary by City

Python’s network is vast but also very active, meaning you’ll unlock access to thousands of like-minded programmers that have opportunities for aspiring Python software engineers. It’s a supportive network, too, and makes for a great resource as you’re learning.

Where to learn Python for free

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