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Our Partnerships team provides tailored services to help you recruit the best candidates from our programs.

Why you should hire from App Academy

App Academy's mission is to empower people to change their lives by tying our success to theirs. This means students only pay us once they get a job they love. This reflects our confidence in the curriculum, the investment we make in our students, and the selectiveness of our admissions process.
Exceptional Results
We have some of the best placement rates in the industry. We’ve developed our curriculum based on detailed research of the skills companies are looking for in software engineers. We don’t just teach students theory, but how to actually code and problem-solve, so they can hit the ground running.
Quality Candidates
Our 5% admissions rate makes us one of the most selective bootcamps- we select only the highest caliber of students through a rigorous screening process. The unique selection process and effective student targeting provides a diverse student cohort.
Curated To Your Needs
We take the time to understand your requirements and then recommend specific graduates that might be the best fit for your needs (technically and culturally). Our curriculum is developed based on the skills companies are looking for in software engineers.

“App Academy students are consistently strong coders and communicators. We look forward to a continued partnership for Wayfair’s hiring needs.”



Hire from a diverse student body

App Academy doesn’t charge student’s tuition until they’re hired. This allows us to select from a group of applicants that is an order of magnitude larger than other programs who have high, upfront costs. This model allows us to select candidates based on merit, leading to a high quality and diverse applicant pool.

Our grads work at top companies

Our graduates have gone onto make a lasting impact in a multitude of settings- at Unicorn Companies, Fortune 500 Companies, and small startups worldwide.

Recruit the best candidates from our programs

Meet all your hiring needs at no cost

Ways to partner with App Academy

Recruiting for, and acquiring stellar engineering talent is expensive. Partner with App Academy for all of your hiring needs at no cost.
Hire our graduates

Tell us about your open roles and requirements, and we will source the right candidates for you.

Attend recruiting events

Attend events organized at our campus to meet skilled developers and interview them on the spot.

Recruit diverse talent

Identify diverse, rising stars from our programs. Sponsor their education and eventually bring them onto your teams

Accelerate your hiring

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