Average Python Programmer Salary, by City

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Courtney Grace
Published on:
October 31, 2022
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Explore the average salaries for Python developers and programmers. This article provides detailed insights into the expected income for these tech professionals.

Of all the programming languages out there, Python is one of the most popular – and the most sought after by tech companies.

Not only is it applicable to many use cases, its syntax is fairly simple and easy to understand. This makes it a wonderful first language to learn for new coders.

With all programming languages and the professionals who use them, the talent pool for Python programmers is too small to keep up with demand. Companies desperately need people with this skill to build apps like Instagram, Spotify, and Netflix – and they’re paying top dollar for Python proficiency.

What does top dollar look like in some of the biggest cities and tech hubs in the country? Here’s the average python programmer salary by U.S. city. When you’re done, check out software engineer salaries by city, too.

Python programmer salary, by city in the US

For twenty of the largest cities in America, these are the average salaries for Python programmers. Bear in mind that these numbers can vary based on experience, education, and other factors.

San Francisco, California.

Indeed clocks the average salary for a python programmer at $132,595 plus cash bonuses. Naturally, the biggest city in Silicon Valley pays its programmers really well, as it’s home to both budding startups and established organizations.

NYC, New York.

$123,345 is Zip Recruiter’s estimated average salary. They do note, however: “While ZipRecruiter is seeing salaries as high as $179,338 and as low as $58,682, the majority of Python Developer salaries currently range between $101,460 (25th percentile) to $142,592 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $164,529 annually in New York City.”

Atlanta, Georgia.

Atlanta has burst onto the scene as one of the hottest upcoming tech hubs, so it boasts a promising $113,934 average salary for Python programmers. That’s before cash bonuses, 401k options, and other benefits.

Austin, Texas.

Similar to its other tech hub counterparts, Austin’s Python programmer salary averages around $112,687. The newly dubbed “Silicon Hills” has the largest migration rate of tech companies moving in than any other city.

Seattle, Washington.

For Python programmers, Seattle is a great place to have a tech career. With an average salary of $128,653, it’s lucrative and ripe with opportunity being home to companies like Amazon, Starbucks, Alaska Airlines, and Nordstrom.

Jacksonville, Florida.

The largest city in the country (by land area) naturally has ample opportunities for techies. With an average salary of $104,669, it pays well, too.

San Diego, California.

SimplyHired notes that a Python developer makes, on average, $109,929. While San Diego isn’t the most tech-forward city in California, it has lately become a major scene for budding startups and unicorns.

Los Angeles, California.

According to Indeed, Python developers average a $119,040 salary. Even Hollywood poses massive opportunities for tech professionals to build out digital experiences from television and movie streaming, social media advancements, and more.

Portland, Oregon.

Portland doesn’t have the same level of industry as its neighbor Seattle, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a ton of opportunity for those proficient in Python there. It includes a median salary of $100,450, according to salary.com.

Nashville, Tennessee.

$108,662 is the average Python programmer salary in Nashville, which has quickly become one of the fastest-growing cities in the country because of its nightlife, country music culture, and food scene.

Boston, Massachusetts.

This historic city that boasts the most colleges of any city in the world naturally has created a ton of opportunity in the tech scene. To boot, Python developers are making $109,731 on average.

Tampa, Florida.

With a major influx of people coming in, making the Tampa area the hottest housing market in the country, there will naturally come a growing demand for tech professionals. While the median salary is $92,092, it will likely grow over the coming years.

Dallas, Texas.

All of Texas’ major cities have become big players in the tech industry, Dallas included. It’s home to major organizations, too, which is why it has a median salary of $111,350.

Raleigh, North Carolina.

Raleigh has, as of late, become one of the biggest tech hubs on the East Coast. Temperate climate, ample space, and a relatively low cost of living are three of the biggest factors that led to that. As such, Indeed clocks its average Python programmer salary at $109,753.

Washington, D.C.

Though our nation’s capital isn’t known for its tech industry, all government entities need tech employees to help with things like data storage and cybersecurity. Python programmers make $92,474 on average in Washington, D.C.

Denver, Colorado.

The Mile High City’s tech industry is one of the biggest in the country, and an average Python programmer salary of $115,750 makes it a great place to be a tech professional.

Chicago, Illinois.

Indeed clocks Chicago’s Python developer salary at $143,974. One of the biggest and most bustling cities in the country makes Chicago a no-brainer place to be in the tech industry.

Python is the programming language that pays

For anyone looking to get into the tech industry, we can’t recommend Python enough for its ease of learning and – as you’ve clearly read – the payout for knowing it.

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