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January 6, 2023
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Explore the differences and similarities between software engineering and growth engineering, including their roles, responsibilities, and career paths. This post will help you understand which path suits your interests and skills better.

With new coding skills and computer science knowledge, you might feel ready to set out on your new career path but not quite sure which direction you should take it in. There are a lot of different jobs out there where you can apply your new skills, and it’s important to know exactly what these positions entail before you make a final decision.

Let’s take a closer look at growth engineering and software engineering to tease out some of the similarities and differences between these careers.

What is a Software Engineer?

Software engineers are experts in computer science who create programs and operating systems from the ground up. These positions require a solid education in the fundamentals of programming, coding languages, and data structures.

A software engineer must have strong attention to detail and an itch for problem solving to create clean, effective, and efficient software. Since the tech world is always changing, it’s great for software engineers to always be open to learning new things and improving their skills with the advent of new technologies.

Software engineers may take on several roles within their organizations, designing and building all different types of programs and working on different projects. Some develop simple software products, while others might work in network security or game development. Others still may work exclusively on developing customer-facing websites or applications.

What is a Growth Engineer?

Growth engineering takes a systematic approach to the development of opportunities to advance a company’s core offerings. Growth engineers work with a company’s existing products and services to optimize them and drive growth.

This position sits right at the intersection of marketing and programming, and so it’s important for growth engineers to have a good grasp of the principles of both. The growth engineer job description often includes hard skills, creativity, and real-world experience.

The role was pioneered by Facebook (now Meta) about a decade ago. By combining the forces of marketing and programming, growth engineers can figure out what does and doesn’t work, using data to drive future growth efforts. With the right data, growth engineers can create transformative campaigns that align with core values and goals to improve the delivery of service and inspire new users.

Growth engineers should be able to harness basic gamification and programming concepts to engage more users and improve overall operations. They should also be able to use modern data-tracking methods and analytics to gather information and make decisions about future marketing campaigns or general growth efforts.

How Are Growth Engineers and Software Engineers Different?

Growth engineers perform more specialized work than software engineers. While software engineers perform multiple tasks associated with programming and may be useful in a wide variety of situations, growth engineering has a more narrow purpose.

Their role is specifically associated with the development and growth of an organization and its product offerings over time. They work more directly with data or auditing tools to keep track of various operations and glean a better understanding of product and service growth.

How Are Growth Engineers and Software Engineers Similar?

Both software engineers and growth engineers have many of the same technical skills and capabilities. Growth engineers use software engineering skills alongside marketing skills to improve systems, operations, and product offerings. It’s a highly technical approach taken to marketing, similar to how many software engineers might solve problems in their own systems or applications.

Growth engineers and software engineers both have to hone many of the same hard and soft skills to be successful, including this technical knowledge and ability to work with others to find new solutions. Both roles depend on communication and teamwork to achieve their best work.

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