How Much Do Full-Stack Developers Make?

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July 13, 2023
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Explore the this salary guide to discover the earning potential of Full-Stack Developers. Get insights into their average salaries and factors that influence their income.

You’ve honed your coding skills, and now you’re ready to enter the field of full-stack development. The time has come to discover what tech professionals like yourself can command in a paycheck. So, what does the financial landscape look like in 2023? Join us as we decode full-stack developer salary options and the factors that play into compensation plans.

What is the Average Full-Stack Developer Salary?

With flexible hours, engaging teammates, and a clear path for growth, the day in the life of a software engineer or developer can look appealing for many reasons. Add to that the fact that the mid-level full-stack developer salary in the US can reach $117,746 annually in some states (with an average hovering right around $92,500 across all 50 states), and you’ve got yourself a pretty lucrative gig.

Of course, the factors that play into the salary you can achieve may be a bit less straightforward than some numbers in a blog post. Things like formal education, certifications, location, industry, experience, capabilities, the current market, and more become a part of the equation to find the most accurate full-stack web developer salary you can expect. Keep reading to discover how these aspects play into how much money full-stack developers make in the US.

Full-Stack Developer Salary by Education Level

One of the most impactful factors that can affect salaries for new full-stack developers is their education level. There are hundreds of degrees, programs, and certifications that are available to help you reach your goals—many available exclusively online. So, whether you’re a coding prodigy fresh out of coding bootcamp, a master’s degree graduate, or a self-taught genius who is ready to build their way to success, get ready to don that virtual graduation cap as we explore how different education levels can skyrocket the earning potential of a full stack web developer.

Salary of a Full-Stack Web Developer with a Bachelor’s Degree

A Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Web Development, Information Technology, Software Engineering, or other tech industry can be a strong foundation for coders to build upon. With a formal education in core coding principles, algorithms and data structures, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more, web developers are seen as having a broad understanding of back- and front-end architecture and can command a competitive salary in the job market. Many developers earn jobs that pay between $69,000–$107,000 shortly after they graduate. However, the landscape is continually changing, so the most up-to-date salary information can be found at sources such as Glassdoor or

Salary of a Full-Stack Web Developer with a Master’s Degree

As you can imagine, leveling up your education has serious potential to increase your salary, too. In fact, this can positively impact not just the starting salary, but also the full-stack developer salary after 5 years or more. Indeed reports the base salary for experienced full-stack web developers as a whopping $120,894 with highs hovering closer to the $190,000 range. And this is not including other benefits, such as cash bonuses, 401K plans, and medical benefits.

Salary of a Full-Stack Web Developer Who Graduated from Coding Bootcamp

How much do full-stack web developers make when they graduate from a coding bootcamp? CourseReport published an average salary of about $69,000 after a web development bootcamp, which is $25,000 more than the average $44,000 salary for self-taught web developers. They also reported that bootcamp graduates continue to earn more as they progress in their careers, averaging about $80,000 by their second job and $99,000 by their third.

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Full-Stack Developer Salary by Experience Level

One of the many perks of becoming a full-stack web developer is that there is a clear pathway to growth and success. The path typically looks like this: junior (or entry-level) developers, mid-level developers, and senior developers. Each level of experience directly ties into a salary range. And because it’s no secret that the recession-resistant tech industry is craving more equipped individuals than ever before, you’re likely to see significant salary increases as you reach each new level.

Entry-Level Full-Stack Developer Salaries

According to Glassdoor, the current average annual salary for an entry-level, junior full-stack developer is around $61,000. This category includes students straight out of school, those who are self-taught, and those who earned certificates through a bootcamp or another online program. Typically, developers find themselves in this category for the first two years of their careers at their first job.

Mid-Level Full-Stack Developer Salaries

Mid-level web developers see a jump of about 65% of their previous salary, with an average annual salary of about $101,000, according to CareerKarma. This milestone is typically achieved between years three to five and may sometimes include leading a team of junior developers or, at a minimum, working on large projects without the need for supervision.

Senior Full-Stack Developer Salaries

A senior full-stack developer is the creme de la creme of careers in the field, with an earning potential akin to the master’s degree level graduates, averaging in the mid $100,000s, according to Senior-level web developers make important decisions, lead full teams, and often spend less time building code themselves. Instead, they support and guide their team of code builders.

Full-Stack Developer Salary by Location

Whether you’re hunting for that fully remote online web developer gig or trying to find the average salary for your current city, the location of various jobs will play a significant role in the compensation package. Hot tech hubs and slower-paced suburbs will often pay significantly different rates. San Francisco jobs, for example, pay an average of nearly $167,000 while those in Colorado Springs are closer to $105,000. New York City jobs pay around $133,000 while Raleigh, North Carolina is closer to $95,000.

Want to learn more about web developer salaries by city? Read more about the average software engineer salary by city and level here.

How to Increase Your Full-Stack Developer Salary: Crucial Coding Skills

In the tech industry, there are always constant changes and advancements that make it even more important to keep your skills up to snuff. Ready to take your full-stack developer salary to new heights? One of the most important things you can do is stay up to date with various trends and areas of expertise. Online publications like CODE and Smashing Magazine are great resources for daily reading.

Another key element to increasing your salary is to build your expertise in a subject and take it to a mastery level. This is so much more than just mastering specific languages like Python, Ruby, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (although, this is definitely where you should start). You’ll want to dive deep into programming frameworks and databases. React, Angular, Vue.js, MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL are just a few of the platforms that should be on your to-master list.

It’s also a smart move to step outside of the world of code and remember that one of the primary roles of a senior full-stack developer is to lead a team. Therefore, consider working on your public speaking skills, teamwork abilities, and problem-solving skills.

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