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Transforming your career begins with an application to one of our bootcamps. Once accepted, you’ll be on your way to learning the programming skills necessary to become a full-stack software engineer.

Coding Bootcamp Admissions Process

We offer both full-time and part-time online immersive bootcamps, which are great options if you prefer a remote learning experience. Our Full-Time Coding Bootcamp is 24 weeks long, while our Part-Time Coding Bootcamp is 48 weeks, excluding the job search period. Both courses feature Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and SQL as part of their curriculum, as well as a mastery-based learning model.

For those needing more flexibility, our part-time bootcamp allows you to keep your day job and learn to code on nights and weekends. As a graduate of either course, you'll get training you need to become a successful software engineer.

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Admissions Steps

1. Application

Provide us with information about your background, where you are at in your decision process and why you feel App Academy is a good fit for you. The application will take about 10 minutes to complete.

2. Admissions Survey

With the survey, we’ll ask you 20 questions that will help us measure your your current logical reasoning, pattern recognition and web development skills. This survey is not based on a pass or fail grading system. Rather we’ll use your results to be able to better guide you to your next step.

3. Code-Along Project (requirement varies)

For those asked to complete the project, you’ll be creating a flash card app using basic HTML, CSS, and Javascript. It will take 4 hours on average to complete. This step is not required for all applicants and is based on your score on our Admissions Survey.

4. Non-Technical Interview

You’ll answer a series of questions and we’ll assess your professionalism, passion for coding, resiliency and work ethic, etc. during this asynchronous online interview. Most applicants will be invited for a second interview if they do not pass on their first attempt.

Acceptance & Enrollment

Once you’ve passed the Non-Technical Interview, you’ll officially be accepted to App Academy. Then you’ll work with your Admissions Specialist to select a payment plan, complete your paperwork & enroll in your desired bootcamp.

A few things to note
before you apply

As part of the application, we’ll ask you to provide a variety of information: demographics, job and education history, current coding proficiency, motivation for wanting to become a software engineer and more. You won't need to provide any special documentation at this step in the process. Before submitting an application, please be sure you meet our eligibility requirements.


The average amount of time it takes to complete App Academy’s application and start your coding journey online.


The average amount of time to complete the Admissions process for our Coding Bootcamps.

Note: Our immersive programs are tuition based. Learn more about our tuition and financing options.
If you are looking to learn to code for free, we encourage you to set up an App Academy Open account today.

After you've been accepted to App Academy

There are several steps that you'll have to complete after you receive your admissions decision.

Provide Documentation

We’ll ask for some more concrete information from you, including verification of your high school degree, any signed contracts we need, and other pertinent documents.

Select Payment Plan

We offer several tuition options, depending on the program you're looking to enroll in: Upfront, Climb Credit Financing and Deferred.

Prepare for Class

To make the most of your time at App Academy, it’s a good idea to do some research before you get started. The more knowledge you have, the more you can benefit from the curriculum. We'll provide you with a list of suggested prep work to complete ahead of Day 1 of your chosen program.

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