Our Coding Bootcamp Curriculum

We designed our programs to give you the same successful outcome, no matter which one you choose. They each feature a full-stack coding curriculum that will help you master multiple programming languages, developmental frameworks, and other industry tools. Regardless of your current level of coding experience, our coding bootcamp curriculum will set you on the right path for a career in software engineering.

An Approach That Sets You Up for Success

From our years of experience educating thousands of successful graduates, we know what it takes to be a software engineer. Our full-stack coding curriculum gives you the skills and knowledge you need to feel competent and confident on your first day on the new job.

Our programs cover a wide range of programming languages, enabling students to work as full-stack software engineers or front-end/back-end software engineers once they enter the workforce. Having such a versatile skill set opens more doors for our students.

Over 93% of our 2019 graduates from our San Francisco Campus Program and 95% from our NYC Campus Program who were participating in our job search program received job offers within months of graduation.

We’re here not only to help you learn code but to kickstart your new career, too.

What Will I Learn at App Academy?

Our coding curriculum walks you through various programming languages, providing you with a solid foundation and a better understanding of how and when to use each language. You'll then use these languages to develop full-stack projects that you can add to your portfolio and showcase during the job search process.


Python is a widely used language that’s easy to read and encompasses everything from web scraping to data analytics and artificial intelligence. It’s an open source code that’s written in English.


This is the official Redux user interface (UI) binding library maintained by the official Redux team. It’s necessary to learn for those wanting to work with React applications.


JavaScript is a popular, common, and beginner friendly coding language. It’s a scripting language that’s critical for integrating user interaction into your site, and it excels at creating dynamic page functions.


Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is a web-based markup language that tells browsers how to show images and text on websites. It’s how nearly every website on the internet displays information. For building websites, HTML and CSS are inseparable and both fundamental to programming.


Short for Cascading Style Sheets, CSS lets you tailor the appearance of your webpage. You can change and craft layouts, colors, and fonts as well as implement other style options. Along with HTML, CSS is one of the most important front-end languages.

A Unique Curriculum for Each Program

We’re experts at training our students to become competent software engineers, no matter how much experience they had before enrolling at App Academy. Here’s what you can look forward to.

Online Immersive Programs

Through one of our online immersive programs, you’ll learn today’s top coding languages and in-demand programming skills, all from the comfort of your own home.

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Mastery-Based Learning

The App Academy coding bootcamp curriculum is founded on a mastery-based learning system. We do this to ensure that all students have absorbed the key concepts from the beginning. The material builds on itself, so not understanding a concept can make it difficult to grasp future concepts. The mastery-based learning model ensures every student graduates with a strong depth of knowledge and skills.

How it works

Students are tested at regular intervals to gauge their understanding of concepts to date. If necessary, a student can retake a module to ensure they understand the material. This allows students to solidify their mastery of the curriculum without falling behind.

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