Immersive Program Student Outcomes

Deciding to enroll in a software engineering (SWE) bootcamp is a big decision and we want you to feel confident that you have all the facts to make the best choice.

As part of our commitment to cultivating a culture of transparency and accountability, for our prospective students, current students and alumni, we are excited to share the following student outcomes data with you.

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Every year we strive to help educate the next wave of successful software engineers. 2021 was no exception. We’re very proud of all the hard work our graduates put in and of the outcomes we were able to help them achieve.

Full-Time Coding

Placement Rate^
Average 1st Year Compensation

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With our Part-Time Coding Bootcamp graduating their first cohort last year, we don’t have outcomes data to share for it at this time. Stay tuned!

^Placement rate of graduates participating in job search.

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Coding Bootcamps

App Academy’s Coding Bootcamps can take you from little to no coding experience to being competitive in today’s tech job market in as little as 24 weeks.

Full-Time Coding Bootcamp

Official Program Name: 'Software Engineering Track: Online Full-Time' in California

As part of our Full-Time Coding Bootcamp, you'll learn today's top coding languages and in-demand programming skills (including Python), providing you with the foundation you'll need to be a successful software engineer.

Graduation Stats

Report Year




Starting Learners




On Schedule Graduation Rate

245 (80%)

273 (85%)

168 (79%)

Total Graduation Rate

245 (80%)

278 (87%)

171 (80%)

Program Outcomes20212020
Number of Graduates504193
Graduates participating in full job search cycle473174
Placements in Full-time SWE roles423156
Placement rate of graduates participating in job search89%90%
Placement rate of all Graduates84%81%
Average 1st year compensation$81,007$78,314
Average months to place5.16.2

Placement Stats

Report Year




Graduates Participating in the Job Search




6-Month Placement Rate

113 (51%)

104 (39%)

114 (67%)

12-Month Placement Rate

158 (71%)

188 (70%)

Available 7/2023

All Time Placement Rate

183 (82%)

222 (83%)

Available 1/2024

Average Months To Be Placed



Available 1/2024

Average Salary



Available 1/2024

Average Total Compensation



Available 1/2024

Note: Graduates Participating in the Job Search excludes graduates who were hired full time by App Academy.

Salary Stats

Salary Breakdown

# of Placements Who Reported


$50k - $59,999

$60k - $69,999

$70k - $79,999

$80k - $89,999

$90k - $99,999



177 (96%)

8 (5%)

14 (8%)

23 (13%)

27 (15%)

29 (16%)

30 (17%)

46 (26%)


220 (99%)

5 (2%)

15 (7%)

22 (10%)

25 (11%)

39 (18%)

30 (14%)

84 (38%)


Available 1/2024

Available 1/2024

Available 1/2024

Available 1/2024

Available 1/2024

Available 1/2024

Available 1/2024

Available 1/2024

Data available
January 2024

Part-Time Coding Bootcamp

Official Program Name: 'Software Engineering Track: Part-Time Online' in California

Please Note: This program graduated its first students in 2023. As such, outcomes data is not yet available for this program.

Full-time programs don't work for everyone. That's why we designed our part-time bootcamp to give you the same outcome as our Full-Time Bootcamp, but on a more flexible schedule. We understand that you’ll be juggling a lot as a part-time student, so we provide a more accommodating attendance policy and only give assessments every other week.

Here are a few terms you should know

These definitions will help to provide context and clarity around the various metrics we include in our student outcomes data.

Placement Rate
Full Job Cycle
Average 1st Year Compensation
Average Months to Place

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