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Graduating from App Academy is an exciting accomplishment worth celebrating, but the journey doesn’t end there. When it comes to the job hunt in the competitive software engineering industry, it may seem daunting at first. But App Academy makes sure students are prepared to land their first position and put their new skills to work.

What Support Does App Academy Provide?

We designed our career services to help our students achieve their professional goals by providing tools and resources to help them find their first software engineering job after graduation.

Not only do we incorporate job-search-related topics into our curriculum — such as project presentation, portfolio design, resume and cover letter writing, interview skills, and salary negotiation — but we also provide our students with a behavioral and a technical coach to help them through the process.

Our coaches play an important role in career support. In fact, they’ve helped over 5,000 alumni learn how to market their new skills during their job search. Students will meet with their coaches regularly on a one-on-one basis. They’ll also always have access to any coaches holding general office hours.

Some standout features of App Academy’s career coaching include:

Mock Interviews

Live lectures

Interactive workshops

Cover letter review

Resume guidance

Personal pitch development

Salary negotiation training

Weekly coaching opportunities

Alumni network access

What Does the Job Search Process Look Like?

Students can take advantage of a range of resources after graduating to help them in their job hunt, including seminars, workshops, partnerships, and their career coaches.

Workshops and Seminars
App Academy Partnerships
Career Coaches
Technical Coaches
Behavioral Coaches

What does it take to be a successful software engineer?

Visit our Career Hub to learn more about software engineering as a career path,  job titles, salary ranges, hard & soft skills needed, career growth & more.

Career Support After Graduation

Does App Academy Have an Alumni Network?

Yes! App Academy has over 5,000 alumni who may be available to speak with recent graduates, provide guidance, or even offer a referral for an open position at their company.

How Long Do Graduates Have Access to Career Coaching?

App Academy graduates have access to their career coaches for up to a year after graduation to help them find employment. Most career coaches will continue to work with a student who has been job hunting for more than a year, but this decision is up to each individual coach.

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