Average JavaScript Programmer Salaries in Top U.S. Cities (2023)

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May 27, 2022

Explore the varying salaries of JavaScript developers across top U.S. cities. This article provides a comprehensive comparison of income in different metropolitan areas.

The average JavaScript programmer salary is so high because, like the rest of tech, skilled developers are in such high demand

In short, JavaScript is the coding language developers utilize to make software, apps, webpages, and other products look as good as they work. It’s a really important skill in the software development field, so it pays quite well.

What does the average JavaScript programmer look like by city here in the US?

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Average JavaScript programmer salary by city in the US

We compiled data from Randstad to show the average JavaScript programmer salary by US city.

San Francisco, California.

Average salary: $167,829

The Bay Area is, naturally, notoriously well-paying for JavaScript programmers. Home to Silicon Valley and some of the largest tech companies in the world,  San Francisco rewards developers and engineers nicely with the highest compensation in the country.

NYC, New York.

Average salary: $161,924

A tech hub in its own right, New York is home to the likes of Wall Street and every media conglomerate you can think of. The need to scale these industries from a technical perspective means that companies in the city are paying top dollar.

Atlanta, Georgia.

Average salary: $130,957

Over the last few decades, Atlanta has burst onto the scene as the tech hub of the South. With Georgia Tech and other neighboring universities churning out engineers and developers, it has also become a haven for those interested in tech and recent bootcamp grads.

Austin, Texas.

Average salary: $130,563

Now dubbed “Silicon Hills,” Austin is trailing closely behind its tech predecessors. Massive companies like Oracle, Apple, and Tesla are laying down roots — some headquarters — in the Texas capitol.

Seattle, Washington.

Average salary: $149,852

Like its other neighboring West Coast cities, Seattle has always been a draw for the tech-minded. It’s expensive, like San Francisco, so companies know they need to fork over a pretty penny for top talent.

San Diego, California.

Average salary: $143,816

Silicon Valley’s Southern sister, San Diego, may be laid back and chilled out, but companies like Fashionphile, Boeing, and Kandji all have a presence in California’s most southern city.

Los Angeles, California.

Average salary: $149,195

Oh, Hollywood! Home to the silver and the big screen, Los Angeles needs JavaScript programmers and other tech pros that can help build out solutions for new and burgeoning innovations like streaming services.

Portland, Oregon.

Average salary: $136,730

Portland has become a huge draw for those on the West Coast looking for a small respite from the hustle and bustle of California or Seattle. It’s getting expensive, though, as many cities are, and companies pay comparable to the cost of living for programmers.

Nashville, Tennessee.

Average salary: $122,690

Nashville isn’t all song birds and cowboy boots. Nay, this Southern hotspot is leveraging its musical roots to draw JavaScript talent in. Farmer’s Dog, Asurion, and Eventbrite have all laid down roots there.

Boston, Massachusetts.

Average salary: $154,838

America’s most historic city is also home to some of its biggest tech companies. What with MIT, Harvard, and other notorious colleges and universities calling Boston home, it’s only natural that tech companies attract fresh talent from there.

Tampa, Florida.

Average salary: $123,871

The Tampa Bay area has exploded onto the scene in recent years. Waterfront living coupled with a burgeoning cultural scene make it not only a desirable place to live, but a great place for tech companies to find talent and put their mark on the city.

Dallas, Texas.

Average salary: $135,812

Dallas is home to some of the world’s largest tech and most up-and-coming companies. SeatGeek, Boeing, American Airlines, AT&T, Wix, and more have a presence in Texas’ second-largest city.

Charlotte, North Carolina.

Average salary: $129,907

The Carolinas — namely Charlotte, Raleigh, and Charleston — present a pretty sweet option for growing tech companies. Cheap land, great labor, and relatively low cost of living make Charlotte desirable both for companies and their employees.

Washington, D.C.

Average salary: $152,739

The United States government is one of the leading employers of tech talent in the country. From building out software systems and creating solutions for all government entities, JavaScript plays a key role in making those work.

Denver, Colorado.

Average salary: $138,567

People have fled for the mountains as Denver’s tech scene continues to explode. It’s one of the best paying cities in the country for JavaScript programmers.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Average salary: $141,979

Another major East Coast hub is one of the top-paying places for JavaScript programmers. Not only do local tech companies tend to pay, you’d be close enough to places like New York City where you can commute in every so often.

Phoenix, Arizona.

Average salary: $126,232

Tech giants RetailMeNot and Lyft are just two of the many tech companies laying down roots in the desert. There’s ample space and a desirable climate (if you like it hot!) for year–round activities.

Chicago, Illinois.

Average salary: $98,879

Finally, the Windy City — of all the country’s historic cities, Chicago still tends to be both one of the most affordable and desirable. It’s a great place to get started in tech and work your way up quickly.

JavaScript is the programming language that pays

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