The Best Code Bootcamp for Parents, Full-Time Workers

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Written by:
Courtney Grace
Published on:
March 1, 2022
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Explore flexible coding bootcamps designed specifically for those with other full-time responsibilities, offering a convenient way to gain new skills without disrupting your schedule.

You may already know that coding is the high-growth, high-earning career path (and if you don’t, you should read up on it!)

Understandably, it can be hard to carve time out to learn the skills necessary to make that transition. We recognize this at App Academy as many of us are parents, family members, and full-time employees ourselves. It can feel like there’s not enough time in the day or time in your life to fit in the training necessary to make the leap into tech.

This is the reason why we created our Online Part-Time Software Engineering Course as well as App Academy Open: to help people who want to learn software engineering find the time and have the opportunity to do so.

Let’s talk about why you should consider these particular programs over other options and what we offer students of each course as they begin their coding journey.

app academy part time code bootcamp program for parents

Why should you choose a code bootcamp over a college degree or other traditional education solutions?

Time is money, and in the time it takes students to earn a four-year computer science degree, they could complete a code bootcamp and have a few years of industry experience under their belts.

In addition to that, universities and colleges tend to have less flexibility in terms of course times and scheduling. Though some schools offer night classes, not all do.

Ap Academy instructors are also actual software engineers themselves. They’re not just professors who are out of touch with the languages and skills used every day in the industry — they know what’s going on at the biggest tech companies and how to teach it because they’re immersed in code every day.

How does App Academy help parents, caretakers, or anyone who works full-time learn the skills they need?

At App Academy, we offer a few different solutions for anyone who wants to become a software engineer or another programming professional.

The first of those solutions is our Online Part-Time Coding Bootcamp. Like our Full-Time Online and Campus programs, this is a guided, live lecture code bootcamp where you learn alongside other students and instructors.

This course takes place on weekday evenings and Saturdays so you’re able to work traditional 9-5 hours, morning shifts, or other daytime jobs or any child care necessary for your family while reserving the nighttime hours for class and study.

Unlike our other programs that require full-time dedication, working professionals and parents have no daytime course obligations and can continue their normal activities. We also provide you with a more accommodating attendance policy and only give assessments every other week, as compared to every week for our full-time programs. Once you complete the course, you’ll be provided with job search support to help you land your first gig as a software engineer. You’ll also have access to other student resources like support groups that help you own your learning with the backing of a dedicated support network.

If you need full flexibility over when, where, and how you learn without being tied to any live lecture times, App Academy Open is a great place to build your programming foundational skills. You won’t enjoy the same structure of a course nor the job search support offered to our bootcamp students, but you will have access to our world-class curriculum to learn on your own with the option of a paid mentorship program.

There are tons of “learn to code for free” courses and tutorials online, and for good reason — it’s one of the best skills you can learn, and if you’re really dedicated and patient, you can learn it all on your own. Some folks like the support of being in a dedicated classroom, while others can make do with a free course online and by finding other self-learners to work alongside.

Either way, App Academy prides its curriculum on what’s relevant right now. With either our Part-Time program or App Academy open, you’ll find your way into a new career in about a year or so with the best, most industry-relevant curriculum in tow.

Anyone can become a software engineer…

…if you put in the work. We give you the tools to do so if you can make it to any of our classes, whether it’s as a code bootcamp student or as someone going through App Academy Open.

If you’re curious what our curriculum is like and want to test it out for yourself, App Academy Open is always entirely free to sign up for and complete at your own pace.

Sign up now and try it for yourself!


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