How Long Does it Take to Learn CSS?

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December 19, 2022

Explore the timeline and factors that influence how long it takes to learn CSS, a crucial tool for web design. This post provides insights into the learning process and what to expect.

Even if you’re not an experienced programmer, you’ve probably heard of CSS. CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, is essential when developing web applications. It’s a language that enhances a website’s visual appeal beyond simple blocks of text.

But how long does it take to learn CSS? The answer can depend on a couple of factors, depending on the path you choose.

Why Learn CSS?

CSS lets developers control a website’s design and style. According to many, it’s one of the easiest coding languages to learn and use, and most developers use it almost daily. In fact, CSS and HTML are considered cornerstones of web development.

CSS gives a unique style to selected HTML components depending on their characteristics. It can alter the size and color of headings, implement animation effects, set background pictures, and ensure a website renders correctly in desktop and mobile browsers. A solid understanding of CSS is essential for entry-level software engineers who are interested in web development.

One of the main advantages of CSS is that it applies style consistently across an entire website. One line of code can control several areas, saving time and effort. CSS changes are also device-friendly. More people are using smart devices to access websites, meaning there’s a significant need for responsive web design (RWD).

RWD uses CSS media queries to change the appearance and layout of websites based on the size and orientation of the device being used to access it. The only thing to look out for is browser compatibility — CSS doesn’t necessarily work across all browsers.

Your professional and personal goals should guide your decision about whether to learn CSS. There are many coding languages to choose from, but CSS will give you a good foundation for creating unique websites and web applications. It’s worth considering your career goals before you start to learn CSS.

How Long Will it Take to Learn CSS?

So, how long does it take to learn CSS? It could take anywhere from three months (if you’re enrolled in a coding bootcamp) to four years (with a college degree). But learning CSS can depend on other factors, too.

What’s your learning style? Do you learn by watching, listening, or doing? How motivated are you? Are you a beginner coder, or do you already have some background? All of these questions are important, but the thing that can make the biggest difference is whether you’re studying on your own or with help.

People use three primary methods to learn CSS and other programming languages:

  • Studying independently with free resources
  • Going to college to earn a computer science degree
  • Enrolling in a coding bootcamp

Career Karma breaks down how long you might expect to spend learning coding languages with each of these methods:

LEARNING METHODTIME TO LEARN CODINGSelf-Study6 – 12 MonthsCollege Degree4+ YearsCoding Bootcamp3-6 Months

How long it will take to learn CSS depends mostly on how you choose to study it.

Should You Learn HTML Alongside CSS?

The short answer is probably — you should consider learning HTML alongside CSS.

HTML and CSS are complementary languages, and they’re both important skills to have in your web development toolbox. Both are considered primary front-end development languages, so employers may be looking for both on your resume. Knowing both will make you a more well-rounded developer who can create unique, interactive websites and tackle any project head-on. Both are considered some of the easiest programming languages to learn.

These two robust coding languages are indispensable to any developer, whether you’re updating existing web pages or starting from scratch to create eye-catching websites.

It’s still beneficial to learn CSS even if you want to work on the back end of web applications, databases, or other data-driven systems. The most used web or smartphone applications are not only seamlessly functional, but they’re also aesthetically pleasing. This is why knowing CSS is crucial for every aspiring full-stack developer, whether their focus is on design of the finer details of server-side code.

How to Learn CSS Faster

Are you ready to jump in? Getting started with a plan to learn CSS or any other coding language is the first step to becoming a well-rounded software engineer.

Join a Bootcamp

Whether you’re studying full-time or part-time, a coding bootcamps structured curriculum and network of peers can help keep you committed and motivated throughout your studies. As a bonus, bootcamps typically help with the job search after graduation. Today, bootcamps like App Academy are more accessible than ever, with both in-person and online options.

Take On a Project

Try your hand at a CSS-based project. Hands-on experience can help you apply concepts in more practical ways. It’s a lot easier to understand CSS when you see it in action. Any projects you work on can also be included in your portfolio to help you with your job search.

Learn HTML First  

Before tackling CSS, try to grasp the fundamentals of HTML. After you’ve learned these, move on to learn how to combine CSS with your HTML knowledge, switching back and forth between the two topics. Learning HTML can be more engaging when you apply CSS, and because the two languages work in tandem, learning CSS can be challenging without the HTML background.

Learning CSS at App Academy

If you want to learn CSS quickly, we’ve got you covered at App Academy. With our structured curriculum, you can master CSS in as few as 16 weeks.

With a couple of different program options, there’s sure to be one that fits your schedule. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Campus Programs: our full-time Campus Programs in New York and San Francisco offer in-person classes over the course of 16 weeks. You’ll learn CSS during week 7 and then apply your knowledge throughout the course as you work on projects.
  • Full-Time Online Software Engineering Program: this program is 24 weeks long, and you’ll spend about two weeks on CSS. Afterward, you’ll apply this knowledge throughout the course.
  • Part-Time Online Software Engineering Program: our part-time program lasts about 48 weeks and dedicates four weeks to learning CSS. It also has project opportunities for you to apply your knowledge.

Find Out More About Admissions at App Academy

If you’re ready to start your software engineering career and you’re looking for a structured, quick way to learn CSS, App Academy’s bootcamps are a great option to consider. Reach out to one of our Admissions Specialists to learn more about our different options and get started with an application.



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