How to Get a Job at Google (From an App Academy Alumni)

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April 25, 2022
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Discover the journey of transitioning from a coding bootcamp to landing a prestigious job at Google. Explore the skills, experiences, and challenges faced during this exciting career shift.

Every App Academy student has the end goal of finding their perfect job in software engineering. Learning how to get a job at Google or other major companies is a massive opportunity for many App Academy alumni.

Companies like Google, Facebook, or Amazon pose some of the best opportunities — both financially and professionally — for budding and seasoned software engineers alike. Our bootcamp curriculum teaches you the languages and skills needed to get a job at one of the FAANG companies or other major tech organizations. Plus, dedicated career coaches will help you polish your resume and portfolio to land the job.

JP Gonzalez is one alumni who found a career he loves starting with a bootcamp education at App Academy. He landed a job at Google and is sharing his experience.

Google Salaries | App Academy Alumni

Q: What’s your title at Google and what do you do there?

A: I’m a software engineer. I work on Google Keep, which is part of Workspaces (formerly GSuite). When I joined the team I worked primarily on the Keep Web client. I now also work a bunch on the Keep Android client.

Q: Was Google your first job post-App Academy or did you have any before it?

A: I had 3 jobs before Google. My first job out of App Academy was at a small travel analytics startup. I then founded a company focusing on short-form video advertising. After that I went to a company developing a 401k management platform. Then I joined Google.

Q: What was the application & interview process like at Google?

A: Fairly straightforward. A technical sourcer reached out to me to start the process. They guided me through the phone screen. Once I was set to go on-site, the sourcer set me up with a technical recruiter who took over the proces from there.

Along the way, people were pretty open with expectations and I was able to essentially pick my dates for things, which allowed me to feel comfortable in terms of preparation.

Q: What do you think set you apart from other Google applicants?

A: I approached the interview as a collaborative problem solving session versus an adversarial situation. I think that helped me to be open about my thought processes, present myself as a person who would be good to work with, and overall work through the interview questions calmly and efficiently.

Q: How did App Academy prepare you for applying to Google?

A: Nothing prepares a person for communicating their line of thinking like pair programming (a huge part of App Academy’s curriculum).

Q: What were you doing prior to App Academy and what prompted you to make the switch to software engineering?

A: I was a lawyer. I worked in house at a tech startup and would always bug the software engineers with questions “what’s that?”, “how does this work?” – eventually one of them gave me a C++ book and I spent a three day weekend trying to get things to run. Enjoying those three days of struggle made me realize software engineering was something worth pursuing.

Q: What advice do you have for budding tech professionals or anyone wanting to apply to Google?

A: Apply and get an interview date on the calendar. It is easy to fall into the trap of wanting to feel 100% prepared and put off the process for months and even years (I’ve seen it happen). Plus, at least I know for myself, having a concrete “this is going to happen in X days” is a great motivator.

PS: I interviewed twice, and that first time through the process was both a great learning experience and the best possible preparation for the second time.

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