Mari Nazary's Vision for Expanding Access in Tech Education as New CEO of App Academy

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Written by:
Kush Patel, Founder
Published on:
March 21, 2024
Mari Nazary's Vision for Expanding Access in Tech Education as New CEO of App Academy

After 11 years as CEO, I will be transitioning into a new role at App Academy as board chairman. It's my honor to welcome Mari Nazary, a passionate advocate for tech education and economic mobility, as our new CEO.

Mari Nazary, App Academy CEO

Mari's appointment marks an important stride in our mission to democratize access to technical education. With her exceptional track record in EdTech, Mari has been at the forefront of initiatives that redefine how people learn and advance in technology. At Rosetta Stone and Education First, she led the development of industry-defining products. Her leadership at Datacamp as VP of Learning reshaped their content and product portfolios and overall team structure and operations. 

In her recent role as Chief Experience Officer at Bloomtech (formerly Lambda School), Mari led significant improvements to learning outcomes and customer experience. Her efforts there greatly enhanced the economic mobility of learners, aligning perfectly with our vision at App Academy. Throughout her career, Mari has had a deep-seated commitment to enhancing access to technical education and fostering economic growth through technology.

With Mari leading the organization, I will be able to increase my focus on strategic long-term initiatives as board chair. I will continue to be the largest shareholder and deeply committed to App Academy’s success. This shift allows me to dedicate more of my time to areas such as market and customer research, as well as fostering strategic partnerships that align with our growth ambitions.

Mari’s arrival comes at an opportune moment. Despite the challenges faced by the industry and our organization in recent years, we have iterated quickly towards what our customers need most from us. Today, App Academy has a robust brand, an alumni network of over 5,000 graduates, and strong ties with employers who trust us to deliver top-notch software engineering talent. With Mari’s leadership, I am even more excited and optimistic about App Academy’s future.


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