Is Software Engineering In-Demand? Yes, and Heres 5 Reasons Why

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October 5, 2022

Explore the top reasons why software engineers are currently in high demand. This post delves into the factors contributing to the increasing need for these professionals in the tech industry.

Software engineering has been a role for as long as computers have been around. The role has continued to evolve over the years and, today, is one of the most in-demand jobs in the world.

There are a number of reasons why software engineers are so in demand across industries, and it’s this high demand that makes software engineering one of the best careers today.

Why software engineering is one of today’s most in-demand jobs

Software engineering transcends industries.

When people think of software engineers, they picture them working on traditionally “tech” software. The reality is that software engineering transcends industries. Retail, healthcare, fashion, e-commerce, and other non-technical industries all need software engineers, so every industry and almost every company within those industries has current or future need for software engineers.

Our world is more reliant on tech than ever.

A whopping 91% of the global population owns a smartphone. We communicate, shop, travel, and research almost everything on these devices, and we’ve become reliant on those tech solutions to operate in our daily lives.

Software engineers are the brains behind these mobile devices, including the apps, operating systems, and mobile web browsers we use every day. As we become even more reliant on tech over time, mobile phones will only become more prevalent — and become smarter. This includes other forms of mobile tech like laptops, computers, and tablets, which makes software engineering across these different devices additional in-demand jobs.

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Software needs to be regularly updated and maintained.

At every stage of a software’s life, you need a software engineer. Not only do software engineers create software, they keep it updated, maintained, and debugged. Plus, the programming languages that most pieces of software are built on also get updated with new versions, so that may require the software itself to be updated.

The perks of being a software engineer are plentiful.

As the software engineering role continues to expand, so does the package of benefits that often goes associated with it. At present, the software engineering talent pool is too small to support the millions of open roles, so companies are paying top dollar for talent. Oftentimes, software engineering can be done remotely. Tech is notoriously great at providing other benefits like progressive healthcare plans, 401k matching, and generous time off. Software engineering is one of the most in-demand jobs simply for the benefit package alone.

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How one becomes a software engineer

Software engineering is a career field that many can learn, but it requires time and a great deal of education and training. For many, this means going back to school for a computer science degree or earning one in the first place. While these degrees are valuable for many roles, traditional curriculum doesn’t always go deep enough into actionable, on-the-job training of what you’ll be doing day to day.

This is why coding bootcamps like App Academy exist. We cut the fluff out of traditional college coursework to teach you the most practical, usable skills that are shared by engineering departments across companies. In addition to the programming languages and skills, we also teach students how to think like a software engineer and access those problem-solving capabilities within.

Join one of the most in-demand jobs in the world

There’s a reason software engineering is one of the most in-demand jobs in the world — in fact, there are many reasons, even more than the ones we listed here.

If you want to pursue a career in software engineering, learn about App Academy’s bootcamp programs and other courses we offer prospective students by clicking here.


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