7 Best Resume Skills to Help You Stand Out to Employers

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July 13, 2022

Discover the crucial skills that can make your resume stand out to potential employers. This article provides insights on what to include to increase your chances of landing your dream job.

With how crowded the job market is, it’s not enough to have the bare minimum requirements for the role you’re applying for anymore.

If you’ve ever seen a list of “nice-to-have” or “bonus skills” on a job description, those are going to be more a non-negotiable than a delightful surprise to hiring managers moving forward.

There are a number of skills that fall into this category that transcend roles, industries, and sectors. No matter what job you’re applying for, these seven top resume skills may be worth learning to take your experience up a notch.

7 top resume skills you should bolster yourself with to enter the 2022 job market

Coding and other technical literacies.

Considering how digital-forward our world is today, it’s no surprise that technical literacy and skills like coding are becoming increasingly necessary for many roles. This includes roles in and out of the tech industry.

If your job doesn’t revolve around technology, there’s a good chance you still use it. You should know how to navigate web systems, create documents, and work multiple operating systems.

Coding is becoming more of a prominent skill even in non-technical roles because of how much time it can save you and how much more you can do when you learn how to code the solution you need. While it’s still a nice-to-have in many roles, others are looking explicitly for people who can code in addition to other job duties.


Writing is a skill that dates back thousands of years, but good writing is a skill only some have. With so many businesses and companies starting up and selling products, goods, and services, someone with writing skills is imperative to have on a team to differentiate them from the crowd.

Whether you’re in marketing, branding, even business development, writing is becoming a much more sought-after skill in the job market.

Data storage and analysis.

Because so many businesses are starting up and selling different things, there’s a ton of data storage and analysis of that data that needs to happen. Whether it’s customer data, information data, or data related to an actual product, there’s a huge need for folks that specialize in all things data. So why is it one of the top resume skills of 2022?

Data, at the end of the day, is at the root of the digital world. As we mentioned, with a growing reliance on tech and being digital nativity, data is everywhere. Folks that know how to properly store data, manipulate it, organize it and utilize it will see that skill pay off in a major way as a candidate.

Business development.

The ability to sell and maintain business regardless of economic conditions is a major skill to showcase on a resume. Here, you can flex any impressive metrics you’ve managed to hit or show, in sheer dollars, how you impacted a company’s bottom line. With a recession impending, hiring managers want to know you can set them up for success.

Additional learning.

Learning on the job or pursuing additional learning opportunities for the job specifically isn’t a skill that’s natural to all candidates. Showing that you can, do, and are willing to learn more in order to excel is a green flag for hiring managers. That willingness tells them they can invest in you because you’re willing to invest in them.

Whether this is picking up a new skill, learning new software, or putting yourself on a fast-track to a new role, additional learning is one of the top resume skills of all time, if not just in 2022.

Creative problem solving.

There’s problem solving, then there’s creative problem solving. It’s one thing to figure out a solution that’s right in front of you; it’s another to find a different, cheaper, more efficient way to do things. While you may not list creative problem solving under a list of skills, you can showcase your ability or speak to it in an interview by discussing a problem you faced and a solution you came up with.

Understanding of the digital and popular culture landscape.

This goes back to that aforementioned technical literacy skill, but there’s more to understanding digital and popular culture than knowing how to navigate the Internet. Information moves at the speed of light these days and, depending on what industry you’re in, you can fall behind quickly if your team isn’t up-to-date on what’s happening in the world and online.

TikTok is a great example of how fast trends and topics can spike and become irrelevant. Showing your literacy in keeping up with pop culture — particularly in the digital space — could be super relevant and enticing to a hiring manager.

How to learn the most sought-after top resume skill in any industry

Different top resume skills will lend themselves better to different industries and types of roles, but coding is one such skill you can flex for a ton of different opportunities.

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