Coding in the AI Era: Why Bootcamps Like App Academy Are More Relevant Than Ever

Artificial Intelligence
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App Academy
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October 31, 2023
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As AI continues to evolve, many are worried about the future of their careers -- especially in coding. We explore the perspective of Laurent Philonenko, a seasoned tech executive who has navigated the trenches of technology leadership.

In the context of a rapidly evolving tech landscape, the apprehensions about AI making human developers obsolete seem paradoxical to the projected 25% job growth in software development by 2031. Laurent Philonenko, a seasoned tech executive and CEO at Servion, recently explored this tension in his LinkedIn article titled, "It's 2030, and you are a developer: you use AI and you still have a job."

First off, why should we care about Philonenko's perspective? He has navigated the trenches of technology leadership, including stints as CEO at Genesys and executive roles at Cisco and Avaya. His expertise goes beyond managing teams; he's been at the intersection of technology and strategy, focusing on innovation and customer satisfaction. In short, when Philonenko talks about the future of software engineering, it's wise to listen.

Back to the seeming contradiction: On one hand, we've entered the era of Large Language Models (LLMs) that can autonomously write code, generating excitement about AI's potential role in software development. On the other, demand for full-stack engineers—jacks-of-all-trades in coding languages and tools—is surging. Philonenko argues that these trends aren't mutually exclusive; rather, they're complementary. Full-stack engineers are precisely the type of professionals who are well-positioned to leverage AI tools to make their workflow more efficient.

One of the points Philonenko hammers home is that while AI tools like Bard and Copilot can generate code at an impressive rate, human intervention is essential for quality assurance and, more critically, for ensuring software security. This suggests that the role of human engineers may evolve to become supervisors or "peer reviewers" of code generated by AI, rather than being replaced altogether. Moreover, other intriguing possibilities—like AI's potential role in rewriting outdated Cobol code—provide additional avenues for human-AI collaboration in software development.

Philonenko's observations dovetail nicely with the role that coding bootcamps like App Academy are playing in the industry. These bootcamps serve as fast-track pipelines producing full-stack engineers, ready to dive into the ever-complex coding landscape. Their curricula are agile enough to incorporate the latest tools and technologies, including AI. In a world that requires a growing number of versatile developers who can navigate a landscape complicated by both opportunity and risk, bootcamps provide a necessary service.

It's not only about preparing for existing roles but also about evolving alongside technology. The bootcamp graduates, trained to be adaptable, find themselves ideally situated to make the most of what AI can offer. Given that software's "appetite," as Philonenko puts it, is "insatiable," the more hands (or algorithms) contributing to the ever-growing backlog, the better.

It's important to note that the future Philonenko outlines isn't one of either/or but rather of a symbiotic relationship between human engineers and artificial intelligence. The future, it seems, will not belong to those who can code OR those who can manage AI, but to those who can do both. And institutions like App Academy are leading the charge in preparing engineers for this more nuanced future.

So, if you're wondering whether enrolling in a coding bootcamp is worth it—given the looming AI disruptions—Philonenko's insights suggest a resounding 'yes.' After all, the future isn't about man versus machine; it's about man and machine, working in concert.


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