3 Scholarships for Aspiring Women in Tech

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Written by:
Courtney Grace
Published on:
March 4, 2022
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Explore various scholarships specifically designed to support women pursuing careers in the technology sector. Discover opportunities to fund your tech education and empower your future.

Tech has long since been a boys’ club — until now.

The tech industry has such an astounding need for women not only to diversify staff and ways of thinking but also because there are endless solutions and products made specifically for women that need the brainpower of women behind them.

As educators, we assume a massive responsibility to empower more women to join tech and give them the tools, resources, and inspiration they need to forge paths in an industry that hasn’t always been on their side. We recognize that, but we’re also proud to be at the forefront of changing that for everyone who seeks out this career.

Scholarships for women in tech are one of the best solutions offered to prospective females. The good news? There are tons of them out there, for all different career paths and from all different types of organizations.

We chose three that are definitely worth considering:

App Academy | Women in Tech Scholarships

3 Women in Tech Scholarships Worth Considering

App Academy’s Access Scholarship.

Remaining Access Scholarships only available to women & underrepresented minorities residing in San Jose, CA.

We’d be remiss to not plug our own scholarship, designed for women and other underrepresented communities in tech, but we’re pretty proud of it!

The Access Scholarship was created by Facebook, who partners with a coding bootcamp each year to offer their prospective students scholarship money. For the first time ever, Facebook doubled their money for App Academy because they firmly believe in our mission and success. We have $500,000 in scholarship money available for women plus Black, Hispanic/Latinx, Native American, and Alaskan Native people.

The Access Scholarship award will cover up to 50% of tuition for accepted candidates. (This amount has recently been increased from an original $5,000 award!)

Learn more about how to qualify for this scholarship and who is eligible to receive money.

Women in Tech Connect Scholarships.

Women in Tech is one of the largest organizations for women and girls in STEAM that “provides members with education, exposure, and experience”. They’ve been around for decades and run events, programs, and conferences for females in all corners of the industry.

As such, they offer scholarship money ranging from $2,500 to 20,000 to young women beginning their college degrees. It’s limited for younger generations, where other scholarships include women of all ages, but it’s important to fund STEAM education for those who will later join the industry.

Learn more here.  

Young Women in STEM Scholarships.

Much like the Women in Tech Scholarship, the Young Women in STEM Scholarship from bold.org focuses on funding education for younger females in high school and college. In their words,

“The Young Women in STEM Scholarship looks to encourage the future generation of women in STEM fields, especially those coming from low-income backgrounds. Female high school seniors and undergraduate students that are from a low-income household and are pursuing a degree in STEM can apply.”

They offer $30,000 worth of money to three people.

Why Scholarships for Women in Tech Are So Crucial

Funding the education of current and future women in tech is incredibly important to the industry and its growth over time, but these three reasons encompass why they’re so crucial:

  1. Scholarships help expand access to education for women who otherwise wouldn’t have had it, particularly those in communities that don’t offer tech education or who don’t have the means to offer it to students.
  2. Scholarships — and the organizations that fund them — create a community of like-minded women in STEAM. They’re able to lean on one another for support, resources, and camaraderie.
  3. Scholarships empower women alongside one another, not individually. They’re able to form alliances rather than work against each other. Women are best when they’re supporting other women!

Apply for scholarships now

We say it ad nauseam, but there’s never been a better time to get into tech, and that’s especially true for women.

Scholarships are available from countless organizations, and we encourage women everywhere to apply for them to help fund their career path. If you’re interested in any App Academy bootcamp and want to know all about our Access Scholarship to see if you’re eligible, click here to learn more.


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