JavaScript Course: Why We Teach It

JavaScript is one of many programming languages that software engineers will leverage to create websites or applications, and it can become a cornerstone of a software engineer’s skill set. At App Academy, each of our immersive programs can serve as a JavaScript course and will to set you on the right path to career success.

Why We Offer a Javascript Coding Bootcamp

Our full-stack JavaScript bootcamp not only helps our students master this in-demand skill set, but also boosts their ability to land jobs with competitive salaries.

It's a Highly Demanded Skill Set

Since it was first developed in 1995, JavaScript (or “JS” for short) has remained a popular “scripting language.” Scripting languages are critical to the development of web and mobile applications since they allow software engineers to create interactive, dynamic interfaces.

While the popularity of JavaScript briefly waned in the early 2000s as other alternatives grew popular, this dip in usage was short-lived. JavaScript is not only useful, but also in high demand because it's more versatile than some of the other languages that were created to compete with it.

Impacts User Experience

JavaScript allows software engineers to create truly captivating user experiences (UX). Cultivating the user experience has become even more important with the rise of eCommerce, online shopping, and digital marketing.

This has led many brands and businesses to invest heavily in UX. JavaScript is a front-end programming language, so it has a direct impact on UX, making it one of the most sought-after programming skills. It’s also relatively easy to learn.

App Academy’s JavaScript Coding Bootcamp

At App Academy, we set up our instructional model to help close the gap between theory and application. This includes providing our students the materials they need to learn JavaScript, as well as opportunities to apply their knowledge.

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JavaScript and Other Coding Languages

The JavaScript programming language is critical to virtually every facet of creating a web application or site. JavaScript is used to manipulate or alter HTML DOM elements, such as adding or removing style classes. It’s also used to render React components and manipulate other DOM elements.

For our Campus Programs, App Academy focuses on teaching Ruby on Rails as a partner to JavaScript. For our online programs, Python takes the place of Ruby as the primary back-end language. The point at which students are introduced to JavaScript and how long they spend on it depends on the program they’re enrolled in.

Explore Other Coding Languages at App Academy

Our coding bootcamps feature several other high-demand coding languages that you’ll need to know in order to be a successful software engineer.


A common and popular language, JavaScript is one of the easier ones to learn. This scripting language is critical for integrating user interaction into your site, and it excels at creating dynamic page functions.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails was created in 1995 by Yukihiro Matsumoto as an open-source language focused on simplicity. It is based on Model View Controller (MVC) architecture and is used as a development framework.


This is the official Redux user interface (UI) binding library maintained by the official Redux team. It’s necessary to learn for those wanting to work with React applications.


Short for Cascading Style Sheets, CSS lets you tailor the appearance of your webpage. You can change and craft layouts, colors, and fonts as well as implement other style options. Along with HTML, CSS is one of the most important front-end languages.


Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is a web-based markup language that tells browsers how to show images and text on websites. It’s how nearly every website on the internet displays information. For building websites, HTML and CSS are inseparable and both fundamental to programming.

App Academy JavaScript Bootcamps

No matter whether you choose one of our campus-based immersive programs, or our online immersive programs, you'll receive everything you need to become proficient at JavaScript.

Campus-based Software Engineering Programs

Our campus-based immersive programs will prepare you for a career in software engineering in just 16 weeks.

Online Full-Time Software Engineering Program

In 24 weeks, our online full-time course will teach you the skills you need to launch a  career in tech, from the comfort of your home.

Online Part-Time Software Engineering Program

Our online part-time course allows you more schedule flexibility while still setting you up for success as a software engineer.

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