Placement Protection

This page contains a summary of key terms and conditions for the Placement Protection policy.

Full details of this policy are found in the enrollment contract agreements for your specific state, program, and tuition plan. Please contact our admissions team at for full detail on all applicable terms & conditions.

For tuition plans that carry Placement Protection, App Academy will only collect tuition for graduates who find a job within the Qualifying Timeframe of 36 months after graduation in our Online programs, and 15 months after graduation in our Campus-based programs.

To be eligible for Placement Protection, graduates must conduct a “Good Faith Job Search” that includes adhering to job search requirements for 12 to 15 months after graduation, and pursuing continued efforts over the full Qualifying Timeframe if a job has not yet been found.

The key elements of a Good Faith Job Search include:

  • Applying to the minimum number of jobs set out by the App Academy Career Coach
  • Maintaining a log of application activities
  • Completing all job search-related assignments and tasks
  • Responding to App Academy communications in a timely manner
  • Attending meetings with Career Coaches and other App Academy job search team members
  • Providing documentation if requested to verify a Good Faith Job Search

Failure to complete required elements of a Good Faith Job Search can result in “Job Search Strikes”. If a student receives too many Job Search Strikes, App Academy reserves the right to revoke the student’s Placement Protection. (Note: App Academy does not always choose to revoke Placement Protection in this case, but reserves the right to do so.)

A Qualifying Position is any position that is full-time and has a total first year compensation of USD $50,000 or more (USD $60,000 or more for the San Francisco campus). Positions that award a significant amount of equity or options in a company (1% or more) also count as Qualifying Positions.

(Note: App Academy, at its discretion, may choose not to collect tuition if a Qualifying Position is not in the Software Engineering field, and if App Academy judges that the student has acted in good faith during their job search. This is solely at the discretion of App Academy, subject to change without notice, and carries no guarantee.)

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