Student Accommodations

One of App Academy’s greatest strengths is the diversity of our students. As part of our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, we provide reasonable accommodations to candidates in our admissions process and students in our programs who may require them due to disabilities, medical needs, caregiving responsibilities, or religious practices.

Disability definition

Per the Americans with Disability Act, a disability is a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities. 

Reasonable accommodation definition

App Academy has limited staff and resources. We are committed to meeting all accommodation requests that are within the means of the organization, instructional staff, and coaching staff. This means that we are not able to meet all accommodation requests if they are outside the bounds of our available resources. 

Reasonable accommodations include modifications that enable individuals to have equal access to App Academy’s admissions process and academic programs that, as per the ADA, do not "fundamentally alter" the requirements of the program, weaken academic standards, or undermine the integrity of a course.

What is a reasonable accommodation during the course? Examples might include:

  • Extra time on assessments
  • Private, quiet room without distractions for assessments (while in-office for the Campus Hybrid program)
  • Additional or longer breaks
  • Leaving early (for religious services) 

What is a reasonable accommodation for the job search? Examples might include:

  • Medical deferral
  • Reduced job search quotas
  • Mental health week

Accommodations for parents, guardians, and caretakers

App Academy is committed to ensuring that our programs are accessible to folks with caregiving responsibilities. We recognize that parents, guardians, and those who care for an eldery or disabled family member encounter challenges not faced by other students. While all students must adhere to the same academic standards, our Instructional staff works to provide reasonable accommodations for students who need to leave early or take additional breaks due to caregiving responsibilities.

Required documentation

Depending on the type of accommodations requested, one of the following items may be required:

  • A formal letter or recent evaluation report from an appropriately licensed physician, psychologist, or other professional (for a medical need or disability)
  • Description of religious or caregiving accommodation 

Accommodations request process

Requests for disability accommodations can be made at any time. If you anticipate needing an accommodation it is best to submit a request early in your program.

For Admissions candidates

Submit your request to with the subject line “Accommodation request”. See below for more details.

For students: Before Day 1 of your cohort, submit your request to with the subject line “Accommodation request for [start_date_of_cohort]”. See below for more details.

For both candidates and students, please include the following in your message:

  • Reason for request
  • Specific accommodations requested
  • Description of accommodations provided by previous academic institutions or workplaces (if relevant). Note: App Academy may or may not have the resources to offer the same accommodations as previous institutions.
  • Required supporting documentation (see above)

Privacy of Student Disability Information

We respect the privacy and dignity of all students. Information that is submitted to document a health or mental health condition is viewed only by the persons required to make an accommodation decision. This information is held in a secure folder and is not shared with any external parties without written permission from the student or as required by law.

Appealing An Accommodation Decision

If a student does not believe an accommodation decision adequately addresses their educational needs, they may submit a written appeal to the Vice President of Academics. Appeals should be submitted within 5 business days of the initial accommodation decision notice. It should include the documentation provided to make the initial accommodation decision, a brief explanation why additional measures, or a different type of accommodation is necessary, and a proposed new accommodation that is reasonable and does not create an undue burden or fundamental change in the App Academy program.

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