Our Approach to Artificial Intelligence (AI)

App Academy’s greatest desire is to make coding accessible to everyone, in order to improve the world. AI helps us to be able to fulfill our core mission. It has the potential to transform and conquer the challenges we face in today’s society in new and creative ways. As such, the next generation of software engineers are being trained to work in collaboration with AI, so that these innovations can become a reality. We’ll teach you the AI skills you’ll need in order to produce meaningful contributions in this exciting decade to come.

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is more than just a trendy term. It's a means for computers to take on tasks that usually need human-like thinking.

Why App Academy is Choosing to Embrace AI

When it comes to predicting the impact AI will have on the global economy in the coming years, we can be sure of two things…its limitless potential and disruptive effects will transform life as we know it.

Impacts of AI

According to PwC, AI is projected to be a $15.7 Trillion dollar industry by 2030. That’s larger than the GDP of China and India put together.

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Source: Sizing the Prize: PwC’s Global Artificial Intelligence Study, Page 5

AI Will Bring New Employment Opportunities

In addition to new types of workers who will focus on thinking creatively about how AI can be developed and applied, a new set of personnel will be required to build, maintain, operate, and regulate these emerging technologies. For example, we will need the equivalent of air traffic controllers to control the autonomous vehicles on the road. Same day delivery and robotic packaging and warehousing are also resulting in more jobs for robots and for humans. All of this will facilitate the creation of new jobs that would not have existed in a world without AI.

Source: Sizing the Prize: PwC’s Global Artificial Intelligence Study, Page 6

Become a Software Engineer and learn the AI skills you need to be successful

We include our AI curriculum in all our immersive courses, so the choice is yours… campus-based or online, part-time or full-time.

Our Unique Approach to AI

At AppAcademy, we use a blended approach of lectures, hands-on practices, and independent project work. This multi-faceted approach helps you understand not just the 'what' but also the 'how' of using AI in software engineering.

AI at App Academy

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What Will I Learn?

During our bootcamps you will learn how to:

• Integrate AI into the web applications you create
• Use AI as a coding assistant
• Create the right prompts to get desired results from generative AI
• Navigate the ethical and security implications of AI
• Avoid common pitfalls and limitations of AI-assisted software development

By the end of our AI curriculum, you'll have:

• The skills to build web applications that incorporate AI
• Confidence to be ready for AI questions during interviews and everyday job tasks
• An accelerated development workflow that uses AI to amplify your skills
• A portfolio of work to show off your AI capabilities to employers
• A core foundation to build upon, so you can continue to grow as the AI economy booms

How Will I Learn?

No matter whether it’s through instructor-led tutorials, or real-world application of concepts learned, you’ll gain confidence in the new AI skill-set you acquire.

• Interactive Lecture: Guided exploration into the basic mechanics, ethical considerations, history and current landscape of Artificial Intelligence.

• Hands-On Practices: Task-based assignments designed to reinforce your practical understanding of what AI is and how to use it on a basic level.

• Project Work: Practical application on using AI to add new functionality to existing projects or integrate AI into an existing project.

Why does an AI Skill Set Matter?

In the constantly changing field of software engineering, being able to learn skills such as AI helps you stand out in a crowded job market.

When used properly, AI-based tools can enhance:

• Your ability to build software more efficiently
• Your workflow scalability
• Your appeal as candidate for jobs in Tech
• Your overall perspective and effectiveness as a software engineer

In 2019, graduates of our in-person software engineering bootcamp who participated in the job search averaged a $104,000 starting salary with a 93% placement rate (San Francisco campus) and an $86,900 starting salary with a 95% placement rate (New York campus).

Key Benefits of our AI Curriculum

AI is here to stay. As a Software Engineer you’ll need to feel knowledgeable and comfortable using AI-based tools in your day to day work. Our AI curriculum will  give you the foundation you need.

Real-World Relevance

Our curriculum is designed to align closely with industry needs, ensuring you learn AI tools that are actually used on the job.

Blended Learning Approach

We offer a mix of lectures for theoretical grounding, hands-on practices for skill development, and independent projects for real-world application.

Timely Skill Acquisition

By placing our AI module towards the job search phase, you're equipped with these critical skills just as you're finalizing your portfolio and preparing for the job market.


Our end-of-day standups and project evaluations ensure you're meeting the learning objectives effectively, setting you on a path to a successful job search and placement.

Focus on Ethics and Security

In addition to technical skills, we address the ethical and security implications of using AI, making you a more responsible and well-rounded software engineer.

Tailored Guidance

Project advisors are actively involved in your learning process, providing real-time feedback and assistance.

We'll teach you critical AI knowledge you'll need as a Software Engineer

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