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February 15, 2024
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Explore top HTML coding bootcamps for diverse tech careers. With earnings up to $120,000/year, gain HTML skills and career support. Choose based on curriculum, teaching method, and reputation. App Academy offers comprehensive tech training and career prep.

Software developer jobs are expected to grow by 25% through 2032. That means there’ll be plenty of opportunities for those with advanced skills in computer coding to get started or move up in the world of computer coding. And one of the most fundamental aspects of coding is HTML. What is it, how can you learn it, and how can it lead to a fulfilling career in software development?

What is HTML?

HyperText Markup Language, or HTML, is a language used to structure content for web browsers. HTML employs tags to define elements like headings, paragraphs, links, and images. Together with CSS and JavaScript, HTML creates the visual layout and enables interactivity on websites.

Why Learn HTML?

HTML is a foundational coding skill. It’s one of the basic tenets of web development and can help lay the groundwork for learning other coding languages like CSS and JavaScript. Overall, HTML can prove useful in a number of different technological endeavors, including but not necessarily limited to:

  • Web Development: With HTML, you can create and design web pages that display text, images, and videos on a browser.
  • Web Documentation: Easily organize documents on the web using HTML.
  • Efficient Navigation: Understand the structure of websites by accessing their HTML.
  • Formatting Expertise: Identify and fix minor format issues in websites or emails after learning HTML.

Having a skill set in HTML can also offer certain benefits for your:

  • Versatility: Coding skills, including HTML, are valuable across various industries, not just in technical roles.
  • Web Proficiency: Understanding how the web operates can enhance your performance in your current field.
  • Financial Gain: Consider a career shift, as web and software developers can earn up to $120,000 annually.

The 13 Best HTML Coding Bootcamps

Where can you learn HTML like a pro? Here are some popular suggestions to get you started.

Please note that tuition fees, payment options, and courses were accurate as of this writing and are subject to change. Always check the bootcamp websites for the most updated information.

13. Simplilearn

Where: Online

Tuition: $1,499

Length of Program: 11 months

Career Support: Job search strategies and interview prep.

Bootcamp Overview: Simplilearn's Full Stack Developer - MEAN Stack program is available in full-time and part-time formats and includes comprehensive instruction in HTML. As for payment options, Simplilearn provides various flexible plans, including options for installment payments or lump-sum fees.

Simplilearn offers robust career coaching to refine your job search strategies, enhance your resume, and prepare for interviews. Alumni have secured positions at Google, Amazon, and Facebook.

Applicants should have a basic knowledge of programming before applying.

12. Byte Academy

Where: Online

Tuition: $25,000 for Python Bootcamp (which includes HTML)

Length of Program: 24 weeks

Career Support: Required internship, 6-month post-bootcamp career schedule, including LinkedIn profile and interview prep.

Bootcamp Overview: At Byte Academy's Python Bootcamp, the curriculum predominantly focuses on Python programming while including HTML within the broader context of web development.

The bootcamp offers flexible scheduling options, catering to full-time and part-time commitments. Byte Academy provides several payment options, including loans and Income Sharing Agreements (ISA).

Career coaching is an integral part of Byte Academy's program. They provide guidance and support with resume building, interview preparation, and job placement. 

Potential applicants will need a foundational understanding of Python or pass Byte Academy’s Intro to Python course. 

11. Brain Station

Where: New York, Miami, Toronto, Vancouver, and London; online

Tuition: $16,500

Length of Program: 12 weeks - 35 weeks

Career Support: Career goal setting on Day 1, resume and LinkedIn help, interview prep, 1:1 career coaching support

Bootcamp Overview: BrainStation's Software Engineering Bootcamp provides a collaborative, project-based curriculum covering HTML and various other web development technologies. While HTML is a fundamental component, the program delves into a broader spectrum of tools and languages essential for software engineering.

Online classes are offered full-time or part-time. In-person courses are only offered full-time. BrainStation offers several payment options, including installment plans and scholarships. Interested students should request a Program Package from the website for more information.

The bootcamp places a strong emphasis on career coaching and includes a “Demo Day” in which students showcase their final projects to BrainStation hiring partners and others in the industry.

Having a basic understanding of programming concepts before enrolling would be beneficial but is not required.

10. Nucamp

Where: Online 

Tuition: Starts at $458 for the 4-week bootcamp-only option

Length of Program: 4 weeks

Career Support: 1:1 career coaching, a Career Development Course, resume and GitHub profile feedback, interview prep, LinkedIn Premium for 1 month, and access to a job board.

Bootcamp Overview: Nucamp's Web Development Fundamentals Bootcamp offers a thorough education in HTML, providing you with essential skills for web development. You'll gain a strong foundation in this markup language. 

There are full-time and part-time options as well as self-directed or mentored learning styles to choose from. Regarding payment, Nucamp offers various financing options, including Income Share Agreements (ISA), monthly installment plans, Fair Student Agreement (FSA) plans, and scholarships.

Career development includes 1:1 coaching, a Career Prep course, and Hackathons. Graduates of the Nucamp program have gotten jobs at PayPal, Stellar Software, and Blend Labs.

No previous coding experience is required, but it’s helpful to have. 

9. Thinkful/Chegg Skills

Where: Online

Tuition: $1,600

Length of Program: 5 - 6 months

Career Support: Unlimited technical interview practices, LinkedIn and resume writing support, and access to open job opportunities.

Bootcamp Overview: Thinkful's Software Engineering Bootcamp includes instruction in HTML to help you gain proficiency in this foundational language. Thinkful offers both full-time and part-time options for learners.

Several payment styles are available for incoming students, including deferred payment and installment plans.

Thinkful offers robust career support for their students from Day 1. Their curriculum is designed to help students get jobs immediately and includes industry mentorship. Alumni have been hired by companies like Google, IBM, and Amazon.

No prior coding knowledge is required to apply.

8. Devmountain

Where: Texas: Chamblee, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Lehi, Lithonia, NW Houston, San Antonio; online

Tuition: $7,000 part-time or full-time in-person; $9,900 full-time online (part-time not available online)

Length of Program: 14 - 17 weeks

Career Support: Resume optimization, interview prep, and LinkedIn polishing.

Bootcamp Overview: Among other aspects of web development, Devmountain’s Web Development Immersive Bootcamp is designed to make you proficient in HTML. 

Some in-person classes are available either full-time or part-time. The online option is full-time only. Tuition financing is available, including payment plans, interest loans, and limited scholarships. 

Applicants are not required to have prior coding knowledge, but a general familiarity with coding is recommended. The application process will include a skill review to make sure your chosen course is a good fit for your learning style and needs.

7. Codeworks

Where: Barcelona, Berlin, London; online

Tuition: Dependent on location; $10,800 in the US for online learning

Length of Program: 8 weeks

Career Support: Unavailable

Bootcamp Overview: CodeWorks' Web Development Immersive Course trains you to be a web developer and build full-stack apps. The course includes advanced HTML. All Web Development courses are full-time, whether in-person or online. 

Tuition depends on where you learn. Payment plans include loans and deferred payments.

Prospective applicants should be aware that this particular program includes advanced HTML. Applicants should either have prior knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, or take CodeWorks’ free introductory course.

6. Springboard

Where: Online

Tuition: $9,900

Length of Program: 9 months

Career Support: Mentors, career coaches, resume polish, social media assistance, interview prep, and job search strategizing. 

Bootcamp Overview: Springboard's Software Engineering Bootcamp is designed to train you to become a software engineer, including HTML training.

The classes are primarily self-paced, spanning an average of 6-9 months. Springboard offers various pricing and payment plan options, including deferred tuition, loans, and scholarships. They also claim to offer your money back if you don’t land a job after completing your course.

Springboard acts as a support system and provides coaching throughout the course, assisting students in their career development. Alumni of this program have gone on to work at Google, Slack, and IBM.

Applicants are required to have simple JavaScript skills and understand the fundamentals of HTML and CSS. 

5. Career Foundry

Where: Online

Tuition: $8,075

Length of Program: 5 - 10 months

Career Support: Mentorship, job prep course, career center, and an alumni network.

Bootcamp Overview: CareerFoundry's Full-Stack Web Development Program offers a project-based curriculum for practical learning experiences that mirror real-world tasks you'll encounter in a professional setting, including beginner and advanced HTML.

The curriculum is designed to be flexible. Students on the part-time plan can be expected to complete the course in about 10 months. Full-time learners can expect to complete the course in about 5 months.

Tuition can be paid upfront or on a payment plan. Loans and partial scholarships are available.

Career help includes potential apprenticeships with partner companies. Graduates have gone on to work at Google, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and other major corporations.

Applicants are not required to have any background skills in coding or tech.

4. General Assembly

Where: Online

Tuition: $4,500

Length of Program: 11 weeks

Career Support: Global alumni community, mentorship, and job search prep.

Bootcamp Overview: General Assembly's Front-End Web Development Short Course provides a robust introduction to website building, emphasizing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 

While General Assembly has campuses worldwide, the Front-End Web Development Short Course is taught entirely online.  

Several payment options are available, including installments, $0-interest loans, and employer reimbursement.

Tuition includes job search prep, access to a robust alumni network, and career coaching. Graduates of this program have gone on to work at  Adobe, the U.S. Air Force, Disney, and Bloomberg.

This is a beginner-friendly program that offers a pre-class prep lesson.

3. Noble Desktop

Where: New York City or online

Tuition: $975

Length of Program: 18 hours of hands-on instruction

Career Support: Job board

Bootcamp Overview: Noble Desktop's Intro to Web Development with HTML & CSS Course offers a comprehensive introduction to building functional websites, strongly emphasizing HTML. 

Classes are typically taught live, with recordings available if you miss a class. 

Tuition can be paid up-front in one lump sum. There are no payment plans or discounts available. However, students who take Web Development with HTML & CSS as part of a certificate program save 15-25% on the entire package of classes.

Career coaching is limited. Applicants are not required to possess prior coding knowledge.

2. Ironhack

Where: Miami; online

Tuition: $12,500 in-person or online

Length of Program: 9 - 24 weeks

Career Support: Ironhack’s program includes a Career Week, guiding students through resume polishing and job hunting skills. Ironhack also boasts a Career Services department.

Bootcamp Overview: Ironhack's Web Development Bootcamp is designed to provide a solid foundation in HTML and other skills needed for web development.

Online and in-person part-time programs take 24 weeks; full-time can be completed in 9 weeks.

For payment options, Ironhack offers various plans, including upfront payments, installment plans, and, in some cases, deferred payments. Scholarships and discounts are also available.

Ironhack provides comprehensive career support, including partnerships with global companies, career mapping, resume and pitch support, and workshops and webinars designed to help you with your job hunt. Graduates of Ironhack have gone on to work at Samsung and Meta.

A technical assessment is required for the application process, but absolute beginners are welcome.

1. App Academy

Where: Online

Tuition: Dependent on which program and payment options you choose.

Length of Program: 16 - 48 weeks

Career Support: Portfolio building, career coaching, resume polish, networking opportunities, job search strategies, and interview prep.

Bootcamp Overview: App Academy provides a rigorous coding bootcamp that includes a focus on learning HTML so you can gain essential front-end development skills. Their flexible learning options include full-time and part-time programs. 

Payment options include the App Academy-pioneered Income Share Agreement model, where you only pay once you secure a software engineering job, demonstrating their commitment to your success. (Note that not all App Academy programs have the same payment options.) 

App Academy also offers an affordable 4-week Bootcamp Prep option that helps you prepare for coding bootcamps and makes you a more competitive applicant. Plus, if you’d like to explore their coding curriculum for yourself before applying, App Academy also offers their Open course, which is the entire 24-week bootcamp curriculum available for free.

In addition to technical training, App Academy provides comprehensive career coaching to refine your job search strategies and prepare you for interviews in tech roles. App Academy alumni have found positions at Google, Amazon, and Facebook, highlighting the effectiveness of App Academy's training in securing high-profile roles within the industry. 

While no prior coding experience is needed, App Academy does require applicants to pass a self-paced technical learning challenge as part of the application/acceptance process (when you complete this technical learning challenge depends on the program you apply to). Support resources are provided to applicants for this challenge.

The Benefits of Coding Bootcamps

While it’s possible to learn HTML on your own through books or videos, investing in a bootcamp provides several important benefits that you just can’t get on your own.

Structured Education

Coding bootcamps offer a structured curriculum, providing a more organized learning experience than self-teaching. They use proven educational models that focus on practical skills. You’ll be less likely to overlook essential skills and techniques.

Flexible Scheduling

Most bootcamps are designed to accommodate individuals with various commitments, including full-time jobs. You can maintain your current job while attending, thanks to flexible schedules and online learning options.

Collaborative Learning Environment

Bootcamp classes are intentionally small to encourage collaboration. Learning alongside like-minded individuals fosters a supportive community where you can easily seek help and engage in group projects. With a small class, you get more individualized attention from instructors.

Expert Instruction

Instructors at coding bootcamps are industry experts who often mentor students beyond the classroom. Their guidance not only covers technical skills but also extends to valuable career advice and networking opportunities.

Career-Oriented Focus

Bootcamps design curricula to align with industry demands, ensuring graduates are job-ready. You'll gain knowledge directly applicable to the tech workforce, readying you for your job search as soon as you complete the program.


Coding bootcamps are a cost-effective alternative to traditional four-year degree programs. Many offer flexible payment plans, and some even provide income share agreements, making them even more accessible.

Comprehensive Career Support

Many coding bootcamps offer extensive career support services. This includes access to career coaches, mentorship programs, and, in some cases, job guarantees, ensuring you have the resources needed to thrive in your new tech career.

What to Look for in a Coding Bootcamp

Once you’ve decided that a coding bootcamp is right for you, here are the qualities to look out for.


Consider your career goals: do you aspire to work in game development, cybersecurity, financial coding, or systems analysis? Each specialization demands specific skills. Ensure the bootcamp you choose aligns with your career aspirations, offering the relevant curriculum.

Teaching Method

Choose a teaching method that suits your schedule and learning style. Some bootcamps have synchronous classes with fixed schedules, while others offer asynchronous learning for more flexibility. Opt for an approach that complements your availability and self-discipline.


Research the instructors' credentials and expertise. Look for educators with substantial experience and certifications in your field of interest. Additionally, verify their availability for answering queries and providing guidance during and after the bootcamp.

Time Commitment

Consider the duration of the bootcamp. Some programs can be completed in days, while others may extend for weeks or months. The breadth of skills you aim to acquire will impact the time required. Remember to allocate ample time for practice and outside assignments.


Look for programs with a solid track record, evidenced by factors like job placement rates and genuine, recent feedback from both students and alumni. Verified reviews and success stories are indicators of a bootcamp's effectiveness. Prioritize institutions with a strong standing in the industry.

Learn HTML With App Academy

At App Academy, we prepare our students for fulfilling careers in tech and coding. That means our curriculum teaches HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, SQL, and more. By the time you’ve completed one of our bootcamp programs, you’ll have created a full-stack project to show potential employers.

Not ready for bootcamp? Try our 4-week bootcamp prep course or join our free App Academy Open program. We want to help you learn to code!

Learn more about our coding bootcamp programs, including our approach to AI, by downloading a student experience package or reaching out to an Admissions Specialist today. 


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